Squirrels are an everyday and, for many, welcome feature of garden wildlife. However, they can soon turn into a menace if let loose in your home, bringing with them disease, noise and even the heightened risk of electrocution! Luckily, we’ve collated insider tips from our top squirrel experts at London Rodent Control to provide you with a simply six step guide to help you on your way to a squirrel-free home.

How To Stop Squirrels Invading Your Home

  1. Seal up entry points – this is perhaps the most obvious tip for you squirrel-scourged homeowners. Pests can enter your property from a wide range of unknown entry points – and through holes that may be smaller than you might suspect! It may be worth calling out one of London Rodent Control’s expert technicians to locate the sites through which these rodents are travelling.
  2. However, until you are sure that all squirrels are out of your home, tip number two is to keep open what you believe to be the squirrel’s main access point. You may find that if you seal up all possible thoroughfares and the rodents can’t leave, you are obliged under law to dispose of them. London Rodent Control is on hand to help if this situation does arise.
  3. Make sure that any shrubs or trees are far enough away from your property to prevent squirrels jumping into the upper stories of your house. Five to eight feet should be about enough to deter even the most ambitious of squirrels!
  4. If you deem a tree as being too close to your property, consider fastening a two-foot band of sheet metal around its trunk. Attached approximately six to eight feet off the ground, this measure will prevent squirrels from climbing trees that are in jumping proximity to your house.
  5. If you find a squirrel harbouring with her young in your attic, soak a rag in either ammonia or predator urine (available at some local farms) before placing the swab near to her nest. You will find that the mother will swiftly remove her brood from your property!
  6. Alternatively, consider covering the thresholds of your home with animal repellent. You can buy these from most local supermarkets or, for a cheaper solution, why not mix a concoction of hot sauce and water to the ratio of 1 tablespoon to 2 pints. When applied with an aerosol, the mixture will effectively repel any animal from entering your property for up to 3 days!

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