Testimonials & Reviews

I'm forever grateful to London Insect Control and their fantastic wasp removal service in Hackney! "I hate wasps" is putting it lightly, but their team executed the treatment plan in no time.

Ms Xing

We live next to a take-away and started noticing cockroaches in our apartment. The team from London Insect Control provided an outstanding service, proofed our property to prevent return and treated the problem at source next door. Fantastic service.

Mr Peace-Smith

My wife has a profound fear of spiders and the team at London Insect Control were so sensitive to this in everything they did. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Mr & Mrs Vanderwalt

After doing a lot of travelling, we seemed to have brought home some uninvited guests - bed bugs! However the comprehensive treatment provided by London Insect Control soon put an end to that. Highly recommended.

Mrs Singh

Thanks for the outstanding and comprehensive 5* ant treatment.

Mr Whittaker

I never thought I'd have a cockroach problem. I take hygiene very seriously but even the cleanest house can attract unwanted pests. Thankfully London Insect Control were on hand to tackle the problem. 🙂

Mr Lemar

I'm delighted to leave this review from a silverfish free home! Yuck, those little critters gave me the creeps but thanks to your team they'll only be coming back in my nightmares and not in my kitchen or bedroom. Thank you so much!

Mr & Mrs Gogh