Islington Insect Pest Control

London Insect Control is a large and well-established business, with a service that covers the entirety of London and we run a dedicated office providing assistance throughout the Islington area.

With our considerable resources, we are able to stay open every day of the week, and more often than not we provide a same-day call out service to deal with infestations at the earliest convenience.

We have all the accreditations you would expect from a professional service, including licensing from the British Pest Control Association and a level-2 health and safety qualification from the RSPH. We are always at the cutting edge of insect extermination, and not only have we refined our most popular procedures through years of experience, but we are also able to tackle uncommon insects as well as species that have been newly introduced to the country.

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    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Islington Insect Control team today on 0208 088 2495 for a consultation from your local expert Gary O'Connor.

    Islington Bee Control & Bee’s Nest Removal

    Bees will attach their hive to any convenient surface they find, and it is very common for them a nest to become firmly lodged in the corner of an attic, underneath the eaves or on trees near human residences.

    Individual bees are usually peaceable, but the closer they are to a hive, the more defensive they become, making it advisable to remove any infestation you might come into regular contact with.

    Our technicians at Islington Bee Control are trained to deal with bees without agitating them, and we are usually able to remove a hive with the bees still inside in a relatively pain-free one-part operation, providing a less disruptive service than a full-on extermination.

    Islington Wasp Control & Wasp’s Nest Removal

    Many people are aware that an individual wasp can sting multiple times unlike a bee, but fewer people are aware that wasps can cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock in people who get no such reaction from bee stings.

    Wasps will readily sting human beings, even when they are on their own, but when there is a hive nearby they can be persistent and aggressive in their attacks on humans.

    Islington Wasp Control go straight for the hive in professional protective gear, and our concentrated Bendiocarb treatment will destroy the population of a nest without giving them time to respond, after which the structure of the hive itself can be removed with no danger.

    Islington Hornet Control

    Hornets are much more dangerous than wasps, and experts forecast that climate change in the UK will soon lead the even more dangerous Asian Hornet to enter the country.

    Asian hornets cause deaths in the double-digits every year in the native habitats in China and Japan, but even the common European hornet poses a substantial risk when it is protecting its hive.

    We take every hornet infestation seriously, identifying the species of hornet and the risks associated with it. Our hornet treatment is very intensive, since hornets which can often survive less-potent, non-professional insecticides, and we always strive to eliminate the threat completely in one go.

    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Islington Insect Control team today on 0208 088 2495 for a consultation from your local expert Gary O'Connor.

    Islington Cluster Fly Control

    Cluster flies are not a danger to human, and since they usually hibernate in unfrequented loft spaces you may not come into contact with them, but large populations can enter a house with little notice, and their numbers can explode overnight when they emerge from hibernation.

    You should always call in a professional when you notice flies clustering in nooks and crannies about the home, as it is very easy for us to deliver a spray treatment, and the trouble of an extermination will always be less than the irritation of dealing with and cleaning up after the insects themselves.

    Islington Bed Bug Control & Removal

    People regularly come to us with complaints about bed bugs, and many of the come to us with certain myths and misconceptions about the insect that have built up over the years.

    Bed bugs do not live exclusively in beds and mattresses, even if they do go onto beds to feed on their sleeping occupants, and a bed bug infestation is often more spread out inside a home than people realise.

    Our technicians will ask that you work with them, hoovering, laundering and preparing the home before they execute our unique triple-pronged extermination programme. Islington Bed bug Control uses fogger sprays, growth inhibitors and Diatomaceous earth to kill the insects themselves along with their eggs, and to make sure no survivors make it to breeding age.

    Islington Flea Control

    Flea infestations are an occasional problem for most people, and a recurring problem for many pet owners, but the irritation and expense of treating them is not as serious as the dangers they can pose. Fleas can carry diseases, most notably tapeworm, which affects both humans and animals, and which is deeply unpleasant to deal with.

    Islington Flea Control uses the same co-operative method that we use for dealing with bed bugs, combining our sophisticated professional compounds with advice and the experience of our technicians.

    Islington Silverfish Control

    Silverfish are small, nocturnal insects, and many people who see them will dismiss them as just another generic insect. Their presence in a house, however, is more noticeable and far more irritating than that of similar insects their size, as they not only eat through furniture and wallpaper, but they also act as a good indicator that your residence is suffering from a problem with damp or plumbing.

    Islington Silverfish Control uses a full suite of insecticides and natural substances like Diatomaceous earth to deal with the insects themselves, but many find the information our engineers provide on the causes of the infestation to be just as useful in the long run.

    Islington Cockroach Control

    Most people don’t need to be told that cockroaches are unpleasant and unhygienic, but many of them don’t know that this insect is also an expert at avoiding traditional extermination methods and hiding from humans even while living off their waste. Cockroaches should never be given any breathing room, and Islington Cockroach Control know that leaving an extermination half-finished is as bad as not undertaking it at all.

    To this end, we don’t use the methods that other companies often do, and instead we will always identify the main gathering points of an infestation and introduce aggressive chemical compounds right to the heart of the population for rapid, sure-fire extermination.

    Islington Spider Control

    In the wake of media scares about the False Widow spider and other poisonous species, Islington Spider Control is dedicated to making sure people neither overestimate nor underestimate the threat that their spider problem poses.

    Our consultations are specifically designed for those who are uncertain about the severity of their problem, and we know many people can be hesitant to hire exterminators unless they are sure that the infestation necessitates a professional response.

    Spiders don’t need to be poisonous for us to deal with them, and we deal with infestations of all sizes, so you will always have the choice to deal with any spider presence in whatever way you want.

    Islington Ant Control

    If you have seen an ant nest, you have most likely only seen one outside, which can appear to be little more than a hole in the ground. These nests are easy for us to deal with, but the majority of infestations do not come from the outside, but from common species like Feral, Ghost and Pharaoh ants who build their colonies in human homes, which can be very extensive and very well hidden.

    Ant nests inside a house can be difficult to track down, as the ants themselves will travel throughout the property in search of food, but our technicians are trained to follow them back to their nest – or nests if there are more than one.

    While they may be nothing more than an irritation, they will infest a house for as long as they are allowed to stay, and their colonies will only expand with time, so it is best to get Islington Ant Control to locate the nests and apply our insecticidal treatment directly to the centre of the infestation.

    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Islington Insect Control team today on 0208 088 2495 for a consultation from your local expert Gary O'Connor.