Enfield Insect Pest Control

London Insect Control is a well established business, and as such we understand the necessity of providing a consistent service to customers throughout the Enfield area.

We run every day of the week and our consultation service is only a telephone call away, with a high likelihood that we will be able to offer a same-day visit from a certified technicians. Our equipment and expertise allow us to deal with problems that others aren’t able to deal with, and we ensure that all of our staff have proper qualifications from the BPCA and RSPH.

Our methods for dealing with infestations have been developed over many years of customer service, and we always utilise the highest-level materials, yet we also pride ourselves on our familiarity with the difficulties that everyday customers can face and operating to their convenience.

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    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Enfield Insect Control team today on 0208 088 0938 for a consultation from your local expert George Bowstead.

    Enfield Bee Control & Bee’s Nest Removal

    Although their sting can occasionally cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, many people find their presence inoffensive, and often delay calling for professional help. A bee infestation inside a property can be difficult to maintain in the long run, however, and there is a constant risk of provoking a swarm.

    Our technicians undertake special training to remove bee hives without damaging them or killing their inhabitants, which makes the removal of a nest one of our less intrusive and destructive operations, and thus a far easier proposition than it may seem.

    Enfield Wasp Control & Wasp’s Nest Removal

    Few people are prepared to live in close proximity to wasps, and wasps find humans just as difficult to live with, often attacking and stinging multiple times when they feel threatened. Enfield Wasp Control understand that removing wasp nests is often an urgent priority, especially when they have built their hive inside a house, and so we pursue a very direct course of action when dealing with them.

    We use a substances called Bendiocarb, which is present in some commercially-available pesticides, and yet which only our technicians are qualified to use in the high concentrations needed to swiftly and completely knock out the population of a hive.

    Enfield Hornet Control

    Hornets are the probably the largest and most venomous insect that we deal with, and with changing weather patterns it is expected that the considerably more poisonous and occasionally lethal Asian Hornet may migrate to Britain quite soon.

    Hornet infestations are some of the most challenging jobs that we undertake, since failing to completely destroy a hive in one go will only cause the hornets to enter an aggressive swarm state. For this reason, we advise that you rely on professionals, as even our trained operators require high-end protective gear and powerful chemicals to deal with these infestations safely.

    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Enfield Insect Control team today on 0208 088 0938 for a consultation from your local expert George Bowstead.

    Enfield Cluster Fly Control

    Cluster Flies do not lay their eggs on human food, and they pose little in the way of risks, but they do actively seek out human habitations to hibernate in and they can be very irritating. We will always recommend that you deal with cluster flies early, as when they are still in a state of hibernation they will cluster together, allowing our technician to get rid of them in one go with minimal problems.

    If allowed to survive past their hibernation, they will often swarm throughout the house, making elimination slightly more tricky, although still just as possible.

    Enfield Bed Bug Control & Removal

    Many people accept bed bugs as a fact of life, since they pose little danger and seem impossible to ever fully eliminate. Although they are mostly harmless, they are among the most difficult insects that we deal with at Enfield Insect Control, since they are able to survive many insecticides, and a single surviving bed bug can produce up to 4000 new young. While many people give up hope of getting rid of bed bugs, or turn to ineffectual temporary treatments.

    Enfield Bed bug Control has developed a three-part treatment including of knock-down foggers, growth regulators and Diatomaceous Earth, and we offer a full programme of advice and recommendations to our customers to help protect them from repeated infestations.

    Enfield Flea Control

    Fleas are often considered little more than a nuisance, and as such people often don’t opt for a professional removal programme until an infestation is already very thoroughly established. In small-scale cases, store-bought products and general cleanliness will be enough, but some infestations are too severe to be removed without expert help.

    Fleas’ ability to carry diseases is often underestimated, as is their ability to act as a host for tapeworm, and it is often more sanitary to depend on our Flea Control technicians when facing a serious problem, since normal anti-flea measures can only achieve long term effects when they work in tandem with a professional flea removal programme that targets the sources of infestation.

    Enfield Silverfish Control

    Silverfish are a prevalent pest throughout homes in Enfield, yet often go unnoticed, since people are unfamiliar with them, given their tendency to hide in small cracks and come out only at night. Most people only recognise their presence when they find holes in wallpaper, clothes and books – some of silverfishes’ favourite food items – and it is often best to use our consultation service if you begin to suspect that wear and tear on certain items may be caused by them.

    Silverfish infestations are usually connected to larger issues with damp and moisture levels inside a house, and so in addition to a thorough extermination programme, our technicians can alert you to problems that you otherwise may not have noticed.

    Enfield Cockroach Control

    Many customers find cockroaches extremely unpleasant to live with, but in addition to their repellent appearance they also pose some very real dangers. The insects carry a number of diseases, and their attraction to unprotected human foodstuffs means those diseases will very often spread, as they leave eggs and droppings in what they have touched. It is often fruitless to go after cockroaches one-by-one using traps or other methods, and it is hard to realise how resilient they are without first-hand experience.

    Our technicians favour the most immediate, aggressive options when dealing with cockroaches, using highly-localised, concentrated chemicals to strike at infestations at their source, going after cockroaches in the cracks and crevices they favour most.

    Enfield Spider Control

    At Enfield Spider Control, we realise we have a responsibility not only to deal with the spiders themselves, but also to deal with people’s worries and misunderstandings about spiders as well. Warnings of poisonous spiders in the UK have many people worried, and we are receiving more calls than ever asking us whether they may be at risk.

    Our consultation service exists to give people the facts and help them to figure out what is true about poisonous spiders and what is just the result of media exaggeration. When the time comes to make a decision about dealing with a spider infestation, whether it is dangerous or merely irritating, our technicians will always provide reassurance and an undisruptive, thorough extermination treatment.

    Enfield Ant Control

    An ant infestation can seem minor at first, but once established, ants can swarm over kitchen surfaces in search of food, or even get caught in telephone and power-sockets, disrupting services.. The three most common species we deal with, Ghost, Pharaoh and Feral ants, specifically build their nests in human homes, especially in places that are hard to reach, and as such the potential for irritation is that much higher.

    We are familiar with many species of ants, and while an untrained individual can have trouble locating a nest, let alone applying pesticide to it, our technicians have the necessary expertise to track down the most concentrated points of ant activity and rapidly exterminate them.

    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Enfield Insect Control team today on 0208 088 0938 for a consultation from your local expert George Bowstead.