Barnet Insect Control

London Insect Control’s operators offer a wide range of services for dealing with insects and insect infestations in the Barnet area, and are available through the week and over the weekend to deal with problems as soon as they are detected, offering a same-day visit when possible.

All our technicians are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) accredited and each one has trained to achieve a level 2 RSPH Health and Safety qualification. More than this, however, we have been operating in Barnet for many years and we have a long experience in providing services to local residents.

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    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Barnet Insect Control team today on 0208 088 0938 for a consultation from your local expert George Bowstead.

    Barnet Bee Control & Bee’s Nest Removal

    Most bees will remain harmless unless provoked, but when their hive feels threatened they can attack in large numbers. While it may be easy to steer clear of bees nests outside, a hive in a garden, greenhouse or attic space can be much harder to avoid, and much easier to provoke.

    Bee populations are in decline due to a number of factors, and so our technicians will usually remove a bees nest in a way that does not damage or destroy it, providing a less disruptive and a more environmentally sound service.

    Barnet Wasp Control & Wasp’s Nest Removal

    Our technicians in Barnet Wasp Control have seen wasp infestations of almost every variety over the years, and they are fully aware of the distress that living in proximity to a swarm can bring. It is almost impossible to live in the same space as a hive without inevitably provoking the wasps, as they can prove far more aggressive than bees.

    Our technicians aim to remove wasp infestations as rapidly as possible, and they are specially licensed to use high concentrations of Bendiocarb to destroy wasp nests thoroughly, not giving the swarm any time to pose a threat.

    Barnet Hornet Control

    Hornets do not nest in as large numbers and wasps and bees, but they more than make up for it by their large size and their incredibly painful stings, which can provoke allergic reactions even in those who do not typically suffer allergic reactions from bee-stings.

    Although the common European Hornet is rarely fatal to human beings, warnings in the press indicate that due to changes in the English climate may be facing an influx of Asian Hornets, which can be considerably more deadly.

    Fortunately, Barnet Insect Control is prepared for this eventuality, and our operators are have access to the protective gear and chemicals necessary to deal with any variety of hornet swiftly and without danger.

    Barnet Cluster Fly Control

    Cluster Flies can prove an extreme nuisance, hiding inside crevices and attic spaces throughout the winter and then swarming out when the weather gets warmer, leaving flies throughout the house and in “clusters” around windows.

    Barnet Cluster Fly Control is able to identify the source of a cluster-fly infestation, no matter how well hidden it is, and our process for eliminating them is among our most straightforward and unintrusive.

    Barnet Bed Bug Control & Treatment

    Many houses suffer from a bed bug infestation and have problems with bites and skin irritations, well many more houses are unknowingly host to large bed bug populations or bed bug eggs.

    Bed bugs are able to spread very easily and breed very rapidly; bed bugs can enter on all manner of textiles and fabrics, and a single one can produce up to 4000 young.

    Bed bugs are resistant to traditional methods and remedies, and their populations will almost always recover from an incomplete effort to get rid of them. For this reason, our technicians operate a policy of complete elimination, using a combination of growth regulators and natural substances (including Diatomaceous earth) in tandem with a programme of extensive laundering and safety measures that they will talk you through to ensure the problem goes away permanently.

    Barnet Flea Control & Treatment

    Fleas are both an irritation and a considerable safety risk, especially in houses with pets, which are especially prone to them. Fleas often carry tapeworm, which can affect both pets and pet-owners, making thorough flea-elimination a priority.

    Since fleas can be difficult to find, and since their eggs can remain unnoticed even after the fleas themselves appear to have gone, typical flea treatment methods often fail to permanently stop a flea infestation.

    Our technicians at Barnet Flea Control use their experience at rooting out hard-to-find insects, as well as a multi-part treatment programme, and combine it with expert advice on flea prevention, working with you to completely remove the infestation.

    Barnet Silverfish Control

    A silverfish problem can usually be identified by holes in clothes, books and wallpaper, and given enough time and enough breeding they can eat through any household items and valuables within their reach. Given their preference for moist conditions, a silverfish infestation will almost inevitably part of a larger issue with plumbing or damp, and our technicians are able to recognise the factors that have led to the infestation and may lead the silverfish to return.

    When you use the services of Barnet Silverfish Control, we not only remove the silverfish themselves, but we give you all the information we can to make our solutions have a lasting effect.

    Barnet Cockroach Control

    Cockroaches are among the most unsanitary insects we deal with at Barnet Insect Control, and their presence in a house has a high potential to contaminate food and spread infection.

    Cockroaches are famously resilient, and rapidly grow resistant to conventional pesticides. Combined with their ability to crawl into the smallest cracks in floorboards and skirting, they can be incredibly frustrating to deal with without professional help.

    At Barnet Cockroach Control, we specialise in a highly-targeted elimination method, using substances only available to our specially trained technicians to knock out infestations without allowing any of the cockroach population to scatter and breed elsewhere.

    Barnet Spider Control

    London Insect Control has been receiving an increased volume of calls about spider infestations ever since news stories broke about the increasing presence of poisonous spiders in Britain.

    We know that many people can easily misidentify a harmless spider as a poisonous one, but we know that many people ignore potentially dangerous spider infestations because they do not want to go through the trouble of removing them or have to pay for a treatment only to find the species involved was harmless.

    At Barnet Spider Control, and in London Insect Control in general, our technicians are always at hand to examine a spider presence, even if only to reassure you of their safety.

    Barnet Ant Control

    Ants are attracted to the remains of human food, particularly if it is sugar-rich, and while this seems like it might only be a problem for picnickers, there are several common species of ant that will set up their nests in human habitations. These ants, most commonly the Pharaoh, Ghost and Feral ant, will build their nests in cavities within the structure of the house itself, and thus it can be hard to track an ant infestation to its source, which is invariably well hidden.

    Failing to locate the nest will make removing an infestation impossible, while improperly destroying one will lead the ants to scatter and set up multiple new nests throughout the house, so our technicians will always systematically locate the nest (or nests) and treat them directly, ensuring none of the ants can move on to continue the infestation.

    If left untreated, crawling insects, flying insects and pests in general can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don’t let insects make your life a misery! Call our Barnet Insect Control team today on 0208 088 0938 for a consultation from your local expert George Bowstead.