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Westminister Insect & Pest Control

Westminister Insect ControlLondon Insect Control provides unbroken coverage throughout the entirety of London, with a dedicated Westminster office that caters specifically to local residents. We are open every day of the week, as are our phone-lines, and we can always be called up for a consultation service, with an emphasis on sending technicians on the same day that we hear of a problem.

Our staff combine their experience with a rigorous accreditation system, with a level 2 health and safety qualification from the RSPH, as well as licensing from the British Pest Control Association. This allows us deal with infestations that can be extremely dangerous, and we always aim to provide our customers with absolute peace of mind.

There is no infestation, no matter how large and no matter what species is involved, that we will not handle in a timely and professional manner.

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Westminister Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Westminister Bees nest Removal ControlBees will set up their hives on any available surface, often nestled in eaves or in loft spaces, and home-owners can find themselves faced with large infestations with little warning or notice. Bees around hives will sting people they consider to be a threat, and the closer you are to the hive the greater the possibility of an aggressive response.

Westminster Bee Control trains its technicians to delicately remove nests intact, along with its inhabitants, but should this be impossible we can and will resort to chemical measures to destroy the nest and the bees within.

Westminister Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Westminister Wasp Nest Removal ControlMany customers in the Westminster area have accidentally disturbed wasp nests, sometimes even treading upon them or knocking into them in attics, and their response is invariably aggressive.

Because they will sting more viciously and frequently than bees, our technicians pursue a much more intensive treatment, and we are licensed to use a professional form of the chemical Bendiocarb that is aimed at eradicating the wasps themselves.

Westminister Hornet Control

Westminister Hornet ControlRumours about the fatality of hornet stings are usually greatly exaggerated, but while the common European Hornet is usually only dangerous to those with allergies, changes in climate have led experts to expect an influx of Asian Hornets into England, a species that causes multiple deaths every year abroad.

We train our technicians to identify a nest and the species it contains and to inform you of its risks, and regardless of the species we will always take on the hive, using a very powerful variation of the Bendiocarb dust we use on wasps that will rapidly decimate their population and leave the hive safe and empty.

Westminister Cluster Fly Control

Westminister Fly ControlOnce cluster flies decide to hibernate in a particular human home, they will mark their chosen nesting place with a pheromone, drawing thousands of cluster flies from all around into the loft or roof space that they have chosen.

Allowing the cluster flies to remain in a home is always less convenient than exterminating them, as they will swarm out again en mass when the weather warms up, and they will often return to the same house next year, so calling out a technician to exterminate the flies and decontaminate the area is the only viable option in the long term.

Westminister Bed Bug Control & Removal

Westminister Bed Bug ControlBed bugs leave bites, rashes, eggs and droppings wherever they go, and the hassle of hoovering, laundering clothes and getting rid of mattresses is often wasted, as an infestation needs only the tiniest foothold to flare up again.

Our technicians will work with you in person to draw up a treatment plan, giving you all the information you need to prevent further infestations. They will walk you through the preparatory cleaning procedures that make the house ready for their work and will then undertake our three-part extermination programme, using knock-down sprays, growth regulators and Diatomaceous earth in conjunction to root out infestation and remove any chance of further breeding among the insects.

Westminister Flea Control

Westminister Flea ControlFleas and their eggs latch on to all manner of surfaces, not just human hair, and while over-the-counter treatments may help to deal with some of a flea population, they generally focussed on the fleas themselves and those that are on host humans or pets.

Westminster Flea Control receives countless complaints every year about the inefficacy of traditional shampoo treatments and flea prevention measures, and so we have developed a treatment plan similar to that we use for bed bugs, specifically tailored to the demands of the household environment.

Westminister Silverfish Control

Westminister Silverfish ControlSilverfish are experts at hiding and living unnoticed in households for long periods of time, coming out only at night and using nooks and crannies to hide in during the day. When they do come out, they eat through all manner of fibrous materials, including wallpaper, clothes, books and even loft insulation, and if left unattended to, not only will they breed into large numbers, but they can also cause extensive damage.

Westminster Silverfish Control track down these insects to their hiding places, using insecticides and Diatomaceous earth to exterminate them rapidly, as well as giving you advice on how to make your house a less attractive proposition to future silverfish infestations.

Westminister Cockroach Control

Westminister Cockroach ControlCockroaches are disease carriers, leaving eggs and droppings around the house and in any food they touch. They thrive on leftovers, human waste and in moist, dark conditions, clustering in kitchens and bathrooms, where the risk of them spreading contamination is considerably heightened.

While other insects may be seasonal and can be expected to die out or leave of their own accord, cockroaches will take any opportunity you give them to establish a more and more invasive presence in the home, not only breeding, but drawing in more cockroaches where they have established clustering grounds.

Rapid, deadly, intensive treatment is the only way to stem an infestation, and we make sure our technicians use all the options at their disposal to exterminate cockroaches quickly, identifying their favourite hiding places and filling them with potent chemical treatments to make sure that they cannot sustain their presence in a household.

Westminister Spider Control

Westminister Spider ControlYou have probably heard of the False Widow spider on the news, and people come to us on a regular basis to try and establish whether or not they are at risk.

We always give customers the facts, and our consultation service is there to reassure anyone who is troubled by a spider presence in their home. Almost all spiders in the UK have no potential to cause real harm to human being, although at least a dozen of them can cause painful bites.

No matter what species you have in your home we always offer the services of our technician, and we can knock out a spider infestation on short notice and with minimum difficulty using our professional insecticides and fogger sprays.

Westminister Ant Control

Westminister Ant ControlWe deal with ants of all shapes and sizes, from the common garden ant, to the fire ant, as well as Ghost, Feral and Pharaoh ants, all of which are surprisingly prevalent species throughout the UK.

Ants will swarm over kitchens, basements, attics and walls, usually in search of leftovers and waste, but often it isn't enough to simply ensure a house is clean and waste is properly disposed of, as there are numerous species that operate from within human homes. In these situations, a professional is needed to locate the nests, determine the extent of a colony, and draw up a plan for dealing with the ants, targeting the hives in a coordinated extermination process so that they cannot relocate and establish themselves elsewhere in a property.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Westminister Insect Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.


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