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Wandsworth Insect & Pest Control

Wandsworth Insect ControlLondon Insect Control is one of the largest operations running in the greater London area, and we have an office specifically dedicated to servicing residents in the Wandsworth area.

Our operators are available 7 days a week and our phone lines remain open throughout the year to take calls and respond to problems as soon as they arise.

We can deal with all infestations, and if you are uncertain as to the nature of your problem we always offer a consultation service to help you establish a course of action. Below is a list of our most popular treatments, but we deal with all problems, not just the ones described here.

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Wandsworth Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Wandsworth Bee ControlFew people are familiar with bee behaviour in a swarm or hive situation, and many people underestimate the chance of provoking at hive that has set up on a property. When bees set up a nest underneath a roof or in a garden, they can be far more difficult to deal with than they might otherwise be, and they will often treat your presence as a threat.

Since bee populations are declining, Wandsworth Bee Control prefer to remove a bee hive and its inhabitants in one go without destroying either, which both our customers and our technicians find far more agreeable than a chemical-heavy approach.

Wandsworth Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Wandsworth Wasp nest Removal ControlWasp stings can cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock in people who don't react negatively to bee stings, and they will also sting more often and more persistently than any related species. There may be up to 20,000 wasps in a single colony, and removing a population is only possible with powerful chemical agents and approved safety gear.

Our technicians typically use a Bendiocarb dust to eliminate the wasps inside of a hive, leaving the hive an empty shell that can be safely removed by the customer or by our technician as part of a separate service.

Wandsworth Hornet Control

Wandsworth Hornet Nest removal ControlMany people will recognise a hornet by its extremely large size, but their nests are harder to distinguish between, and since their nests often have smaller populations than those of wasps or bees people can underestimate the size of the swarm they are dealing with.

Wandsworth Hornet Control can always recognise a species by its nest and we take a hornet presence extremely seriously, using a Bendiocarb treatment in even greater concentration than that we use for wasps for immediate results.

Wandsworth Cluster Fly Control

Wandsworth Fly ControlCluster flies often enter a house at the onset of winter, preferring to gather in lofts, tucked into roof beams and crevices, and their presence will attract thousand more of their kind, who will swarm over windows and walls attempting to get inside.

No matter the size of an infestation, we will always be able to deal with it in short order, as our technicians are trained to recognise the central gathering point of a cluster fly infestation and to destroy it in such a way that will discourage swarms from returning.

Wandsworth Bed Bug Control & Removal

Wandsworth Bed Bug ControlBed bug problems are widespread throughout the UK and in the Wandsworth area, affecting numerous households in large numbers. While many people either depend on traditional methods or simply give up on dealing with their bed bugs at all, our technicians have come up with a special treatment that provides real results.

We have formulated a comprehensive programme, and we try to involve our customers at every step for maximum results. On top of advice and customer input, we use insecticides and growth inhibitors to kill the bed bugs and stop them from maturing and we then lay down a natural, hooverable substance called Diatomaceous earth that will kill any bed bug that touches it.

Wandsworth Flea Control

Wandsworth Flea ControlWhile many people have been taught about fleas' role in spreading disease and the plague in history, fewer people realise that fleas today are still just as contagious. Their eggs and droppings rapidly spread through the house, and they often carry parasitic tapeworms with them that effect humans and pets.

As with bed bugs, fleas can only be thoroughly exterminated with co-operation between customers and technicians, and we aim to complement your favourite anti-flea measures with our own professional treatment. Wandsworth Flea Control will use the similar growth inhibitors and fogger sprays to those used with bed bugs, along with Diatomaceous earth, as well as giving you hints and tips on long-term flea prevention.

Wandsworth Silverfish Control

Wandsworth Silverfish ControlSilverfish don't spread disease and they don't contaminate human food, but they will leave eggs and shed skin over a household, which can provoke allergic reactions.

On top of this, they are a persistent nuisance, since they chew through wallpaper, fabrics and fibres throughout the house, causing noticeable damage despite their small size. They are hard to get rid of permanently without first identifying the factors that have brought them into the home, so we train our technicians not only to exterminate the insects themselves, but to tell home-owners where they might have a plumbing or damp problem that could lead to further infestations in the future.

Wandsworth Cockroach Control

Wandsworth Cockroach ControlCockroaches can never be allowed to stay inside a home, and if you should see even one cockroach it is vital to respond to it immediately. Within no time, cockroaches can lay eggs throughout a house, scatter their faeces, contaminate food with salmonella, and attract cockroaches from all around to gather in special hiding places known as "harbourages".

We train our technicians to locate these harbourages and attack them directly, usually with an extremely potent aerosol spray, ensuring that the infestation is wiped out as fast as possible.

Wandsworth Spider Control

Wandsworth Spider ControlWhile almost all spiders native to England are non-poisonous, London and south-west England has seen a growing population of exotic, potentially dangerous species, and stories have been circulating in the media that have many customers scared.

At Wandsworth Spider Control, we know there is nothing to gain by spreading scare stories about spiders, so our consultation service is always available to set matters straight. Our technicians will identify the species you are dealing with, inform you clearly about their habits, the dangers they may or may not pose, and what can be done about them, offering full extermination treatments for all shapes and sizes.

Wandsworth Ant Control

Wandsworth Ant ControlThere are many more species of ants in England than people realise, and while Ghost ants, Feral ants and Pharaoh ants may sound like exotic species, they are in fact some of the most prevalent we have to deal with. We deal with all species of ant both inside and outside the home, but these three are known for preferring to build their colonies in human residences, and they can set up elaborate colonies that span the breadth of an entire building.

Locating their nests and delivering insecticides to them is impossible for untrained individuals to manage, but our technicians have the equipment and the training to locate hives, even those built between walls or underneath solid structures, and to deliver the necessary treatment to the infestation right at the source.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Wandsworth Insect Control team today on
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