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Waltham Forest Insect & Pest Control

Waltham Forest Insect ControlAt London Insect Control's office in Waltham Forest we appreciate the importance of providing a consistent and comprehensive service to customers throughout the local area.

We operate 7 days a week throughout the whole year, and our consultation service is available to everyone, with a high probability that we will be able to offer a same-day visit from one of our specially qualified technicians.

All of our staff are accredited by the BPCA and RSPH, but more importantly they are all familiar with working in the Waltham Forest area and have built up a reputation for reliability. We specialise in working with residents and in properties in an undisruptive manner and in tailoring our programmes to suit the needs of customers.

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Waltham Forest Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Waltham Forest Bees Nest ControlAlthough their sting can occasionally cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, bees can often be avoided with relative ease. A hive inside a residence or in a garden, however, is often a ticking time bomb, as bees will react aggressively if they feel their nest to be under threat.

Our technicians undertake special training to remove bee hives without damaging them or killing their inhabitants, which makes the operation one of our least intrusive and which also results in a clean, safe and environmentally-friendly service.

Waltham Forest Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Waltham Forest Wasp Nest Removal ControlCapable of stinging multiples times and always ready to attack when provoked, wasps will swarm in their thousands around their hive and pose a substantial danger.

Waltham Forest Wasp Control recognises that removing a wasp nest is always a pressing and immediate concern for victims of infestation, especially when they have built their hive inside a house, and we put as much emphasis as possible on speedy destruction. With this in mind, we use only the most powerful professional grade chemicals at our disposal, and we always apply it straight to the hive itself for maximum effect, meaning that the wasps can never gather in large enough numbers to retaliate.

Waltham Forest Hornet Control

Waltham Forest Hornet Nest Removal ControlWhile common European Hornets are dangerous enough, the expected migration of Asian Hornets into England has many people worried, especially given the occasionally fatal nature of their sting.

Fortunately, with a professional removal service you never have to be exposed to the dangers of a hornet infestation, and our technicians at Waltham Forest Hornet Control combine protective gear with a powerful, concentrate form of the substance Bendiocarb to minimise the threats of a hornet hive and to eliminate its inhabitants quickly.

Waltham Forest Cluster Fly Control

Waltham Forest Cluster Fly ControlCluster Flies do not lay their eggs on human food, nor are they responsible for diseases, but they do hibernate in human homes, and when they mark out an attic or roof space for infestation it will not only produce an unpleasant smell, but will also draw flies into the house from all around in very large numbers.

A professional response will always be the fastest way to deal with an infestation, and our technicians will locate their chosen nesting point and systematically attack it with a knock-down spray for maximum effect.

Waltham Forest Bed Bug Control & Removal

Waltham Forest Bed Bug ControlMany people believe that living with bed bugs is unavoidable, but at Waltham Forest Bed bug Control we do not accept that any infestation cannot be treated.

Over years of working with local home-owners we have developed a three-part treatment for bed bugs that includes conventional substances like knock-down sprays and growth regulators and combines them with natural treatments like Diatomaceous Earth, a substance harmless to humans yet which will dehydrate and kill any insects that touch it.

Waltham Forest Flea Control

Waltham Forest Flea ControlPeople often don't usually go for professional flea removal programmes until an infestation is already very well established. In some cases, store-bought products and general cleanliness will be enough, but most normal treatments only target fleas themselves rather than going after the eggs and the causes of infestation.

We use a full-scale treatment programme similar to that we use for bed bugs, but we also place great emphasis on advice and recommendations for customers, and we encourage them develop their normal flea-prevention routines to stop the return of the insects.

Waltham Forest Silverfish Control

Waltham Forest Silverfish ControlSilverfish live on dust, dandruff, cardboard, books, wallpaper and a whole host of other items, making them both damaging to household objects and valuables and also very difficult to starve out or prevent from feeding.

Our technicians not only specialise in tracking silverfish down to the crevices where they hide, but also in identifying where elevated moisture levels have made a house more open to infestation, providing advice on long-term prevention.

Waltham Forest Cockroach Control

Waltham Forest Cockroach ControlCockroaches leave eggs and droppings around the house, contaminating food, causing allergic reactions and even provoking the symptoms of asthma sufferers, and once inside a house they will mark it with their scent to draw more cockroaches to their location, leaving a musty smell and increasing the extent of an infestation.

Our technicians favour the most immediate, aggressive options when dealing with cockroaches, and we will always track them down to the dark, humid places where they prefer to dwell and apply a lethal cocktail of insecticides directly to their hideouts.

Waltham Forest Spider Control

Waltham Forest Spider ControlWhen it comes to combating spiders, our consultation service is probably the most effective tool we have, as we are always able to give accurate advice on the nature of an infestation and the species involved.

With heightened concerns over poisonous spiders in the UK and the surge in False Widow spider infestations, we recognise that accurate information can be just as important as a speedy extermination. When the time comes to make a decision about dealing with a spider infestation, you will always have all the knowledge you need to make an informed choice, and your infestation is dangerous or simply a nuisance we will always respond promptly and deal with the spiders comprehensively.

Waltham Forest Ant Control

Waltham Forest Ant ControlPeople often imagine that England is not host to many varieties of ant besides the common black ant, which usually only dwells in gardens, but at Waltham Forest Ant Control we deal with Ghost ants, Feral ants, Pharaoh ants and numerous other species that all specifically target human homes to set up their hives.

Not only can their colonies be hard to find, but an incomplete extermination will cause a colony to split up across the house, so we train our technicians to identify and rapidly put down any nests we find before they can relocate and spread across a property.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Waltham Forest Insect Control team today on
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