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Tower Hamlets Insect & Pest Control

Tower Hamlets Insect ControlAt London Insect Control we aim to provide a service with maximum coverage across the greater London area, and our office in Tower Hamlets is dedicated to providing a convenient, nearby service for all residents in the area.

Our considerable resources allow us to stay open Monday through Sunday every week, and we aim to provide a same-day call out service to deal with infestations as soon as we hear of them.

We have all the accreditations necessary for a professional service, including licensing from the British Pest Control Association and a level-2 health and safety qualification from the RSPH. Given our emphasis on convenience and customer support, we operate a consultation service open to anyone who wishes to find out their options for dealing with insect problems.

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Tower Hamlets Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Tower Hamlets Bees Nest Removal ControlBees will set up hives throughout properties in many hard-to-reach spots, and it is not uncommon for a nest to become firmly lodged in the corner of an attic or underneath the eaves. Individual bees are usually docile, but with proximity to a hive they become more defensive, making it advisable to remove any infestation near the home.

Our technicians at Tower Hamlets Bee Control are trained to deal with bees without aggravating them, and we are usually able to remove a hive with the bees still inside in a relatively hassle-free operation with minimal clean up.

Tower Hamlets Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Tower Hamlets Wasp Nest Removal ControlWasp nests are usually fragile objects, made from chewed up wood-pulp and stuck to an elevated surface, but unless the wasps are dealt with, they will defend their hives with the utmost aggression and will rebuild any damage their nest sustains. For this reason, a wasp population must always be completely eliminated if an infestation is to be dealt with, and only professional products are able to achieve lasting success.

Tower Hamlets Wasp Control go straight for the hive with our concentrated Bendiocarb treatment, eradicated the wasps both in and around the nest, after which the structure of the hive itself can be removed with no danger.

Tower Hamlets Hornet Control

Tower Hamlets Hornet Removal ControlHornets are much more dangerous than wasps, and changing weather patterns the UK are expected to lead the even more dangerous Asian Hornet to enter the country. Asian hornets can fatally sting human beings, but even the common European hornet has a powerful sting capable of causing reactions and anaphylactic shock. We take every hornet infestation seriously, identifying the species of hornet and the risks associated with it.

Our hornet treatment is very intensive, since hornets will usually survive less powerful non-professional insecticides, and we will always double check to make sure the threat is completely removed.

Tower Hamlets Cluster Fly Control

Tower Hamlets Cluster Flies ControlCluster flies always try to find a warm nesting place for winter, usually a human home, and once they have marked the interior of a house with their scent it will draw thousands more flies to the location.

Because of this, our technicians at Tower Hamlets Cluster Fly Control will not only tackle the flies themselves with conventional fogger sprays, but will also try to eradicate the sources of an infestation so more flies will not be drawn into a household.

Tower Hamlets Bed Bug Control & Removal

Tower Hamlets Bed bug ControlPeople regularly come to us with complaints about bed bugs, but few people are ever aware of the behaviour and habits of the insects themselves. Bed bugs do not live exclusively in beds and mattresses, and their presence in a house is often far more pervasive than people realise.

Our technicians will ask that you work with them, hoovering, laundering and preparing the property after which we use a combination of substances including knock-down sprays, growth inhibitors and Diatomaceous earth to combat the root of the infestation.

Tower Hamlets Flea Control

Tower Hamlets Flea ControlFlea infestations are often regarded as little more than an irritation, but their capacity to carry disease and act as carriers for parasites such as tapeworm should not be underestimated. Fleas can carry diseases, most notably tapeworm, which affects both humans and animals, and which is deeply unpleasant to deal with.

As with bed bugs, a co-operative extermination regimen is the best approach, and our technicians are sensitive to the requirements of working alongside customers in a household environment.

Tower Hamlets Silverfish Control

Tower Hamlets Silverfish ControlSilverfish breed quickly, hide well from humans, and can survive prolonged periods without anything to eat, allowing them to set up a large population without being detected. Their presence in a house, however, will become very rapidly noticeable, as they chew holes into wallpaper and clothing, as well as numerous other household objects.

Our technicians do not stop at exterminating the insects themselves, and they will usually try to identify environmental factors inside a home that have led to the infestation in the first place with an eye to preventing further problems.

Tower Hamlets Cockroach Control

Tower Hamlets Cockroach ControlAt Tower Hamlets Cockroach Control, we deal with all species of cockroach, including the common American, Oriental and German varieties, and we have learnt to recognise their habits and their dangers.

They live in dark, humid areas, and can often spread across an entire house through piping systems and wall cavities, meaning that an infestation will often have multiple cluster points that need to be dealt with.

Wherever possible, our technicians prefer to use directly-targeted insecticidal strikes, and we are adept at locating the favourite clustering-points of an infestation and quickly wiping out the cockroach presence at its source.

Tower Hamlets Spider Control

Tower Hamlets Spider ControlIn the wake of media scares about the False Widow spider and other poisonous species, Tower Hamlets Spider Control has been committed to setting people straight on the dangers their infestations do or do not pose to them.

Whether or not you are considering a professional extermination, our consultation service is always on hand to help you make up your mind one way or another. Spiders don't need to be poisonous for us to deal with them, and there is never an infestation we won't tackle, regardless of its size or nature.

Tower Hamlets Ant Control

Tower Hamlets Ant ControlMost people have only seen ant nests outside, and often concentrate their ant prevention measures on keeping ants from getting inside their home. However, a large ant presence in your home will almost certainly come from a colony built into a house itself, and common species like Ghost ants and Feral ants are able to build their nests anywhere in the structure of a building, while Pharaoh ants can occupy the entirety of a house.

For infestations like these, professional removal is the only real option, as only a trained technician can find and remove the nest or nests from which the rest of the ants are operating.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Tower Hamlets Insect Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.


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