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Sutton Insect & Pest Control

Sutton Insect ControlLondon Insect Control's Sutton office runs all week every week, and we pride ourselves on year-round availability and consistent service.

Our technicians are all accredited by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health), and they are able to use equipment that amateurs simply can't get hold of.

We always offer a consultation on insect problems, and even if you can't ascertain the nature of an infestation we will be able to do so for you before you have to make any decision regarding extermination.

Call our Sutton Insect Control team today onĀ 0208 088 0635 for a consultation by one of our experts.

Sutton Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Sutton Bee nest Removal ControlBees are only able to sting once before dying, and an individual bee will usually be harmless, but when they are in the proximity of a hive, their large numbers and increased aggressiveness can make them a threat.

Depending on the proximity of a beehive to your home, you may feel comfortable leaving it where it is, but a hive inside a house will almost always require a professional response.

Bees are not aggressive if handled properly, and so our technicians specialise in a procedure of non-lethal removal, extracting the hive with the bees still inside, which is not only safer, but also means that any remaining bees will attempt to follow their hive out of the property rather than lingering.

Sutton Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Sutton Wasp Nest Removal and ControlWasp nests can contain populations well into the thousands, and a large swarm can mobilise very quickly to sting anyone who the wasps consider a threat.

It is not possible to remove a hive without the proper equipment, and over-the-counter products are too weak to do anything other than anger a swarm. Bendiocarb, the chemical we use destroy the wasp population, must be used in its most concentrated form to have an effect, which only our qualified technicians can do safely.

Sutton Hornet Control

Sutton Hornet ControlA hornet nest can be up to half a metre across and, although the population of hornets only reaches several hundred, they form a large, dangerous presence on a property.

Their similarity to wasps and bees can often lead people to assume that removing them is a similar job, but we find that hornets always require higher chemical dosages and more systematic safety procedures to handle.

We deal with hornet nests using a powerful Bendiocarb treatment (in an even higher concentration than is used for wasps) and ensuring that none of the infestation survives to attack our personnel.

Sutton Cluster Fly Control

Sutton Fly ControlThroughout much of the year, cluster flies will rarely come into contact with humans, but at the onset of winter, the will often choose a human home to hibernate in, spraying a pheromone in an attic or in roofing that produces an unpleasant smell and draws thousands more cluster flies to the location.

When dealing with cluster flies, we always try to make sure that the infestation is completely destroyed, and also that the further cluster flies will not be drawn to the site of the original infestation.

Sutton Bed Bug Control & Removal

Sutton Bed Bug ControlBed bugs are an ancient problem, but solutions to bed bug problems are always developing, and Sutton Bed bug Control remains at the cutting edge of available treatments. Given the insects' resistance to many pesticides, is rapid breeding cycle and its ability to survive long periods without eating, only the most comprehensive programmes will have an effect.

To this end, we encourage our customers to hoover, launder and undertake all their normal anti-bed bug measures before we send in our professionals to decimate bed bug populations with knock-down sprays and a layer of Diatomaceous earth, then ensuring none of the insects will reach breeding age using a special insect growth regulator.

Sutton Flea Control

Sutton Flea ControlIt is very possible that you have already suffered a flea problem at some point, and for a lot of people, conventional treatments are enough to guarantee at least some results. However, once established, fleas can be difficult to get rid of, since they rarely limit themselves to human hair where most treatments focus, laying their eggs all over an affected property.

Many programmes make no provisions for long-term flea removal, but our technicians use a multi-part treatment programme similar to that used with bed bugs, combining our insecticidal substances with advice and recommendations on flea prevention.

Sutton Silverfish Control

Sutton Silverfish ControlSilverfish will often enter households in cardboard boxes or in packaging, and once inside a house they will set up inside of crevices and fissures, coming out at night to feed on carpets, wallpaper and textiles. For this reason, allowing silverfish to breed can prove more expensive in the long run than the extermination itself, as they eat their way through household items and valuables.

Silverfish problems go hand in hand with plumbing issues and excessive damp, so Sutton Silverfish Control don't stop at the extermination itself, but will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the factors that have led to infestation and steps you can take to prevent silverfish returning.

Sutton Cockroach Control

Sutton Cockroach ControlCockroaches will grow exponentially the longer they are allowed to do live un-harassed, filling the piping and wall cavities of a house with eggs as well as a scent that will attract more cockroaches to their location.

Cockroaches can very rapidly take over a house, establishing themselves wherever there is moisture and good hiding places, and coming out at night to feed on waste and leftovers.

At Sutton Cockroach Control we go straight for their clustering points, applying a deadly aerosol spray into their gathering areas that knocks out their population and makes it impossible for them to return to their favoured breeding spots.

Sutton Spider Control

Sutton Spider ControlEver since the False Widow Spider got on the English news, Sutton Spider Control has been flooded with calls from people concerned about the risks they might be in. While the majority of spider species in the UK are harmless, there are up to a dozen species that are known bite human beings, and while this is usually more unpleasant than dangerous, we understand why many people opt for extermination.

We always offer a consultation service, so you can always contact us without having to make any commitments, and we will set you straight on all the facts to let you decide on the plan most suitable for you.

Sutton Ant Control

Sutton Ant ControlMany people underestimate the number of ant species throughout the UK, and while many assume that ants nest exclusively outside, common Ghost ants, Feral ants and Pharaoh ants actively seek out human homes, exploiting their warmth and the hiding places offered by cupboards, piping and floorboards.

An indoors infestation of ants can spread across an entire house, and species like Pharaoh ants will often scatter and relocate when part of their hive is attacked, making it imperative that a professional is brought in who can map out the entirety of an ant colony for complete destruction.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Sutton Insect Control team today on 0208 088 0635 for a consultation by one of our experts.


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