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Southwark Insect ControlLondon Insect Control runs all week every week throughout the year, and we will always be on hand in the case of an infestation. Our office in Southwark is one of many across the greater London area, and our strong local presence allows us to tailor our services to the needs of residents.

We keep up a rigorous accreditation system for our technicians, and we always endeavour to have an operator in your house dealing with the problem on the same day we hear about it.

We also offer a consultation service for anyone who needs to establish the nature of their infestation but is uncertain about their options.

Call our Southwark Insect Control team today on 
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Southwark Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Southwark Bees Nest Removal and ControlWhile the majority of bees in England live in professionally-kept hives, many will often split off from their home nests to form new colonies, often on domestic properties. Bees will often form hives on walls, loft spaces or on trees, which can hard for many people to reach, let alone deal with.

Bees will only really sting if aggravated, and so we prefer to use non-destructive techniques, removing the bees and the hive intact in one go. Customers and technicians at Southwark bee control will testify that this is often the most preferable course of action.

Southwark Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Southwark Wasp nest Removal and ControlWasps react aggressively when they perceive a threat to their hive, and their populations can number up to 20,000 in a single colony. Hives often get lodged in hard to reach areas, which makes it difficult to apply treatment to a wasp population without special equipment.

Our favoured treatment is professional-grade Bendiocarb, and we specialise in applying this directly to a nest. Because of the risks that come with dealing with wasps, and the safety measures needed when using Bendiocarb, Southwark Wasp Control recommends that you only trust one of our RSPH accredited technicians.

Southwark Hornet Control

Southwark Hornet Nest Removal and ControlAlthough related to wasps, hornets exhibit different behaviours and nesting patterns, behaving less aggressively than wasps and usually only concentrating in numbers of a few hundred in a single nest. However, hornets are larger, more poisonous, and often much harder to kill than wasps, and will survive all but the most thorough extermination attempts.

For this reason, our Bendiocarb treatment for hornets is even more intensive than that we use for wasps, and the safety precautions that we undertake also reflect the increased dangers of the species.

Southwark Cluster Fly Control

Southwark Cluster Fly ControlCluster flies have a unique preference for human houses, and will often establish large hibernation spots inside loft spaces, leading them to be commonly known as "attic flies".

When a large population takes up residence in your home, the most straightforward option will usually be extermination, and we will send in an operator with a knock-down spray capable of destroying the cluster flies no matter how well hidden they are in nooks and crannies.

Southwark Bed Bug Control & Removal

Southwark Bed Bug ControlBed bugs are difficult insects to deal with, as they can survive not only a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions, but they have also developed a considerable resistance to certain pesticides from years of extermination attempts.

For this reason, Southwark Bed bug Control are not satisfied with conventional anti-bed bug measures, and we operate an elimination programme that aims to be as thorough as possible.

The bed bug treatment is quite involved, and our technicians will instruct walk you through a series of preventative measures and cleaning routines that will then lay the way for our triple treatment programme, combining knock-down sprays with insect growth regulators and a substance called Diatomaceous earth, which all work together for a lasting solution.

Southwark Flea Control

Southwark Flea ControlLeaving flea populations to run rampant can be expensive, as commercially-available shampoos and treatments will only temporarily deal with a flea problem if it is sufficiently large.

As with bedbugs, many people do not realise the extent of a flea presence in their homes, nor do they realise how large a trail of eggs and droppings fleas leave throughout a property.

Our technicians use a multi-part treatment programme similar to that used with bedbugs to ensure complete elimination, and will involve you as much as they can to ensure the fleas do not return.

Southwark Silverfish Control

Southwark Silverfish ControlSilverfish can establish a large and deeply-rooted infestation before you have realised that there even there is a problem, hiding throughout a property and breeding rapidly.

If you notice tell-tale signs of damage to wallpaper, books, clothes or any of their other favourite foodstuffs then it is always best to consult us, as we will send a technician who will always be able to establish the nature of your problem and rapidly provide solutions for your infestation.

Southwark Cockroach Control

Southwark Cockroach ControlHuman homes are the perfect hiding places for cockroaches, providing them with warmth and food – often human food and leftovers – as well as ample hiding spaces, called "harbourages". They will gather in large numbers in cracks, fissures and over concealed places throughout a house, and from there they are able to spread faeces, eggs and diseases through the whole property.

We always go for the most direct options when dealing with cockroaches, and we specialise in tracking down their harbourages and attacking them head-on with heavy-duty aerosol sprays.

Southwark Spider Control

Southwark Spider ControlThere is no way of definitively knowing the number of spider species in the UK, especially since more and more new species are arriving in fruit shipments or migrating by other means, but it is safe to say that the vast majority of spiders in England are not poisonous and pose little danger.

Nevertheless, reports of growing False Widow spider populations and a recent school closure due to infestation have sparked a poisonous spider scare, especially in the greater London area, and so we have made sure we are always on hand to give advice and make recommendations with our consultations. We will only give you the facts about spiders, and should you choose a professional removal for any severity or variety of infestation we will always respond rapidly and professionally.

Southwark Ant Control

Southwark Ant ControlMany species of ant in England will build colonies in human homes, and those that do are very good at building their nests in places that human beings can't see, let alone reach.

Ant colonies in human homes are often built into cavity walls or in remote areas of a house like basement areas or under-visited loft spaces, so our technicians are trained not only to locate these nests, but also to apply our insecticidal treatments to them and remove them no matter where they may be.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Southwark Insect Control team today on
0208 088 0635
for a consultation by one of our experts.


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