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Redbridge Insect ControlLondon Insect Control is a large company with multiple franchises, including an office in Redbridge, and as such we have the resources and response time that smaller companies and individual operators just can't match.

We run 7 days week and our consultation service is only a telephone call away, with a high likelihood that we will be able to offer a same-day visit from a certified technicians.

Our equipment and expertise allow us to deal with problems that others aren't able to deal with, and we are fully accredited by both the British Pest Control Association and the Royal Society for Public Health. Because of this, we are not only the best qualified and best equipped service available, but also the most consistently reliable in the Redbridge area.

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Redbridge Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Redbridge Bees nest Removal and Bee ControlMany people find bees inoffensive, and often delay calling for professional help on the assumption that a bees will be safe if left alone. However, when a hive is established inside a property, there is a constant risk of provoking a swarm, and many people who originally thought they were able to live with a beehive contact us later when they realise the challenges it poses.

Our technicians have special training to remove bee hives without damaging the hive or its inhabitants, which makes the removal of a nest one of our less intrusive and destructive operations, so if and when you do decide to take action on your bee problem it will often prove to be relatively painless.

Redbridge Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Redbridge Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp ControlWasps are aggressive by nature, and doubly so when they feel that humans pose a threat to their hive. Redbridge Wasp Control understand that removing wasp nests is often a very pressing priority, and our methods for dealing with them reflect this.

We use a potent chemical called Bendiocarb that our special licenses allow us to work with, applying it right to the heart of an infestation in the hive itself, killing the population inside and leaving the hive itself an empty shell. Should you wish, you can remove the empty hive yourself, in which case we will not charge you for the hive removal.

Redbridge Hornet Control

Redbridge Hornet ControlHornets are the probably the largest and most venomous insect that we deal with, and with recent changes in climate many are predicting an influx of the considerably more poisonous and occasionally lethal Asian Hornet in the near future. In addition to the physical dangers that they pose, hornets can have a very negative effect on our customers' state of mind, and for this reason we always use the safest equipment and the strongest chemical measures at our disposal.

Our Bendiocarb treatment for hornets is even more intense than the one we use for wasps, amply compensating for hornets' natural resistance to chemicals and their tendency to attack if dealt with using insufficient force.

Redbridge Cluster Fly Control

Redbridge Cluster Fly ControlCluster Flies are parasites, but they only lay their eggs in earthworms and are not dangerous or unhealthy for humans. However, while they usually have little contact with us, they will need to hibernate over winter, and human houses, which are warm, safe, and full of hiding places, offer them the perfect place to do so.

Cluster fly problems often crop up around Christmas time, but fortunately Redbridge Cluster Fly Control is able to deal with them rapidly with a simple fogger spray, meaning that we can be in and out of your home very quickly without interrupting holiday plans.

Redbridge Bed Bug Control & Removal

Redbridge Bed Bug ControlMany people are familiar with bed bugs, but most people's knowledge of them is limited to urban legends or to their own experience of being bitten. While they may seem a minor nuisance, they are in fact a persistent and very resilient insect, remaining hidden during the day and capable of producing up to 4000 eggs each.

Many people give up hope of getting rid of bed bugs when they fail to eliminate them by conventional means, but Redbridge Bed bug Control has developed a three-part treatment including of knock-down foggers, growth regulators and Diatomaceous Earth that has actual results, and our technicians work together with customers to make sure that the results of the extermination are permanent.

Redbridge Flea Control

Redbridge Flea ControlFleas are able to secrete themselves in all manner of fabrics and in the hair of people and animals, and they are easily able to jump onto other hosts, meaning that even the best-kept households can suffer from flea problems. Their bite is irritating, but they also carry diseases and tapeworms, so it always pays to take a flea problem seriously.

Normal anti-flea measures can only achieve long term effects when they work in tandem with a professional flea removal programme that targets the sources of infestation, so our technicians not only use a similar three-part treatment to the one used for bed bugs, but they also will share their experience of dealing with fleas to make sure that infestations don't recur.

Redbridge Silverfish Control

Redbridge Silverfish ControlSilverfish are an elusive species, as they come out at night, and since they eat many objects like paper and fabric that we would not consider food, they do not gather like other insects do around waste or leftovers. Because of this, silverfish populations can grow very large before being noticed, so it is always advisable to contact a professional service as soon as possible.

Our technicians know where silverfish prefer to nest and how to exterminate them, and we also know the conditions that silverfish favour best are usually damp ones, so our technicians will remain on the lookout for any issues with leakage or plumbing that may be contributing to the infestation.

Redbridge Cockroach Control

Redbridge Cockroach ControlCockroaches are extremely unpleasant, both in their appearance and also in their ability to spread eggs, faeces and disease throughout a household.

Redbridge Cockroach Control have learnt over the years that they cannot be allowed any quarter, and in houses where residents have either allowed them to breed or where they have tried to use conventional techniques we often find that cockroach infestations have reached critical levels very rapidly.

Our technicians go after cockroaches rather than just leaving pesticide around the house and waiting for results, and we pursue a programme of administering highly-localised, very concentrated chemical chemical solutions right into the places where cockroaches live to destroy them at their source.

Redbridge Spider Control

Redbridge Spider ControlRedbridge Spider Control doesn't just offer equipment and treatment programmes for spiders, we also have a strong emphasis on informing home-owners about the insects themselves and the nature of their presence in a home.

Warnings of poisonous spiders in the UK have many people worried, and we are receiving more calls than ever asking us whether they may be at risk.

Our consultation service is vital here, helping you to separate fact from fiction, and we will always make you aware of the situation and the options you have before embarking on a treatment plan.

Redbridge Ant Control

Redbridge Ant ControlCustomers of Redbridge Ant Control will often report large numbers of ants crawling over their home with no apparent source, and many of them are frustrated that leaving pesticides at the entrance to their homes and other publicly available treatments aren't working. This is because some of most common species we deal with, like Pharaoh ants, Ghost ants and Feral ants, specifically build their nests inside of human homes, especially in places that are hard to reach.

Most treatment measures are intended to keep ants out of the house rather than deal with those inside it, but our technicians in Redbridge Ant Control are able to identify the species at hand and to track it down to its nest, where they will apply an insecticide strong enough to completely knock out the nest itself.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Redbridge Insect Control team today on
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