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Merton Insect ControlLondon Insect Control is large, well established, and has a large pool of resources that enable us to provide a comprehensive range of services, competitively priced and easily available.

We operate a dedicated centre to cater to the Merton area, and we remain open throughout the entire week. We can deal with all infestations, and if you are uncertain as to the nature of your problem we always offer a consultation service before undertaking an extermination, meaning we can identify a problem for you even if you are unsure of the species you are dealing with.

Below is a list of our most popular treatments, but we deal with many more problems in addition to the ones described here.

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Merton Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Merton Bees Nest Removal and Bee ControlEveryone is careful to leave bees alone and avoid being stung, but few people are familiar with bee behaviour in a swarm or hive situation.

When bees set up a nest in a property, they can be far more difficult to deal with, as they will often treat your presence as a threat.

Since bee populations are declining, Merton Bee Control tries to extract a bee hive and its inhabitants in one go without destroying either, which is easier for all involved.

Merton Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Merton Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp ControlWasps sting more often than bees, react more aggressively than bees, and can cause allergic reactions in anaphylactic shock in people who don't react negatively to bee stings.

People often underestimate the dangers a wasp hive can pose; whereas bees can be handled safely by professionals and are cultivated commercially, wasps are a very different creature despite appearances.

Our technicians typically use a Bendiocarb dust to eliminate the wasps inside of a hive, a powerful agent that only qualified professionals have access to, and should you choose to remove the empty hive yourself after we are done we will only charge for the extermination of the wasps inside.

Merton Hornet Control

Merton Hornet ControlMany people will recognise a hornet by its extremely large size, but fewer people can tell the difference between a hornet nest and the nests of wasps and bees.

Hornet hives often have fewer insects around them than those other insects, and people can often believe them to be empty or the hornet population to be low, and failing to understand the threat that hornets pose can be extremely dangerous.

Merton Hornet Control can always recognise a species by its nest and target it with an appropriately potent variation of the Bendiocarb treatment we use on wasps to thoroughly destroy the hornets right in their hive.

Merton Cluster Fly Control

Merton Cluster Fly ControlCluster flies can be mistaken for regular houseflies, leading many people to underestimate the size of the swarm that has lodged itself inside their home.

Their tendency to hide in small fissures and in loft spaces mean that many people don't realise the extent of the infestation they are dealing with.

Although little more than a nuisance, we prefer to deal with them quickly, while they are still nesting, and we have a potent knock-down spray that gets rid of them with speed and convenience.

Merton Bed Bug Control & Removal

Merton Bed Bug ControlMany houses suffer from bed bug problems, and people often make the mistake of believing that there are no permanent solutions to an infestation.

Merton Insect Control always lets customers know that there are definitely long-term solutions to bed bug problems, and although bed bugs are very hard to get rid of due to their extreme resilience and rapid breeding, our technicians have formulated a special treatment that provides real results.

We undertake a large-scale programme, and we try to involve our customers as much as possible to make sure that our results have a lasting effect. On top of advice and customer input, we use insecticides and growth inhibitors with an all-natural, hooverable substance called Diatomaceous earth that will kill any bed bug that touches it.

Merton Flea Control

Merton Flea ControlMany people are aware that fleas were once responsible for spreading the plague throughout London, but fewer people realise that fleas today are still just as capable of spreading disease. Their eggs and droppings rapidly spread all over a household, and they often bring parasitic tapeworms with them that effect humans and their pets.

As with bed bugs, fleas can only be thoroughly exterminated with co-operation between customers and technicians, and we aim to supplement your favoured anti-flea measures with our own professional treatment.

Merton Flea Control will use the similar growth inhibitors and fogger sprays to these used with bed bugs, as well as Diatomaceous earth, with a programmed tailored to your convenience and the extent of your flea problem.

Merton Silverfish Control

Merton Silverfish ControlSilverfish don't spread disease, generally leave humans alone, and are not as resilient as many of the other insects we deal with.

However, they are harder to catch than other insects, they will cause damage to property and objects by chewing through them, and they are hard to get rid of permanently without first identifying the factors that have brought them into the home.

Our technicians can recognise both the signs of a silverfish infestation as well as the causes behind it, combining our insecticidal treatments with recommendations for long-term prevention.

Merton Cockroach Control

Merton Cockroach ControlCockroaches carry dysentery, typhoid, salmonella along with other highly contagious illnesses diseases, leaving a trail of eggs, droppings and contaminated food wherever they are present Cockroaches are tough insects, breeding fasts and adapting rapidly to pesticides and attempts to get rid of them.

Cockroaches are an invasive species, and their numbers will always regenerate if not thoroughly destroyed, so Merton Cockroach Control treats them with the utmost aggression, introducing highly-concentrated doses of our special insecticides right into the crevices where they gather to allow no chance for recovery.

Merton Spider Control

Merton Spider ControlWhile almost all spiders native to England are non-poisonous, many exotic and potentially dangerous species enter England each year, and while few survive, those that do are clustered around London and the south-west.

Many people are confused and worried by recent reports relating to the False Widow spider, and in the face of these concerns, our consultation service is especially useful, as you are guaranteed a straightforward explanation of the nature of your infestation and the species involved.

Whether or not the spiders themselves pose a threat, there is no species that we are unable or unwilling to deal with, and we have all the necessary insecticidal treatments to deal with any variety that may be troubling you.

Merton Ant Control

Merton Insect ControlThere are many more species of ants in England than people realise, and while people are most familiar with black garden ants, there are many ants that prefer human homes to the outside world. Not only do buildings provide them with safe places for their colonies to develop, often between walls and underneath floors, but they also thrive on human foodstuffs and leftovers.

Ant infestations are often very easy to see, as ants will cover a house, but very difficult to actually pinpoint, and so our technicians' efforts are specially focussed around the accurate locating of a hive and localised application of our professional chemical products.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Merton Insect Control team today on 0208 088 0635 for a consultation by one of our experts.


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