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City of London Insect ControlLondon Insect Control provides a range of services that cover all possible eventualities when it comes to insect infestation, and our offices are open from Monday through Sunday to react to problems as soon as possible.

All of our technicians have qualifications from the British Pest Control Association and the Royal Society for Public Health, which means they are not only able to use equipment unavailable to unlicensed operators, but also that we can be counted upon for complete professionalism.

On top of this, we provide a consultation service, with no obligations attached, allowing you to take stock of your options before entering into a treatment plan.

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London City Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

City of London Bees Nest Removal and Bee ControlAlthough people do not associate bees with urban environments, they will often build their hives inside of human homes or in very close proximity to them.

While you may feel comfortable leaving a nest where it is, it can be difficult to avoid some confrontation over time, especially if there are children on a property.

When treated with care, bees will usually remain peaceful, and as such our technicians will often try to preserve a nest and remove it and its inhabitants without resorting to destroying the hive, and our customers and London City Bee Control will testify that this is often a far more convenient experience.

London City Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

City of London Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp ControlWasps are considerably more aggressive than bees and can provoke allergic reactions even in people who get no reaction to bee stings. Professional help is vital when you are faced with a wasp hive in or around them home, as a large percentage of wasp-related accidents and injuries occur when people try to deal with them alone.

Publicly available products are usually not only too weak to damage a nest, but they will actually anger the hive and make them more dangerous.

Our technicians specialise in using a substance called Bendiocarb, which must be used in high concentrations and with extreme care, especially near bodies of water, and thus only London City Wasp Control's technicians are able to use it safely, combining rapid extermination with a high regard for environmental and safety procedures.

London City Hornet Control

City of London Hornet ControlHornets are similar to wasps, but larger, more poisonous and much harder to kill, and they are possibly the most dangerous variety of infestation that we deal with at London City Insect Control.

While not as aggressive as wasps, they create a long-lasting pheromone when killed that can provoke swarms long after the hornet who produced the scent is dead. For this reason, hornets need to be dealt with quickly, as accidentally swatting one can have disastrous effects.

We deal with hornet nests using a Bendiocarb treatment even more intensive than that we use for wasps, and our engineers will always make sure that every hornet in a hive has been destroyed before finishing a treatment.

London City Cluster Fly Control

City of London Cluster Fly ControlCluster flies usually prefer human habitations for their warmth and the wealth of small nooks and crannies for them to hide in, and they will typically enter during the colder months only to swarm out when it gets warmer.

If you find cluster flies hibernating in your house, it is best to get London City Cluster Fly Control to deal with them rapidly, as it is far easier for our technicians to deal with them in one go while they are still in a concentrated mass.

London City Bed Bug Control & Removal

City of London Bed Bug ControlBed bugs have always been a problem, especially in an urban environment where constant contact with other people enables the easy transfer of eggs and insects and between households. The most popular measures for getting rid of bed bugs are almost all stopgap measures, with little chance of permanently stopping an infestation. They can survive for long periods without food, and so attempting to wait them out are rarely effective, and even when the bed bugs themselves are killed their eggs will often remain.

Thus, London City Bed bug Control's treatment concentrates on combating the source of a bed bug infestation, destroying their eggs and helping to draw up a prevention programme for you to follow.

Our combination of conventional sprays, growth regulators and Diatomaceous earth remove the bed bugs themselves, and our technicians co-operate with the customer to ensure the infestation won't return.

London City Flea Control

City of London Flea ControlGetting fleas is almost an inevitability given the prevalence of the insect, and many people opt to use readily-available cleaning products and sanitation programmes to get rid of them. However, when an infestation is more severe, it can be dangerous to depend on conventional remedies. Fleas spread diseases and can act as a carrier for tapeworm, and it can be easy to underestimate their danger.

Flea eggs can remain long after the fleas seem to have disappeared, and conventional methods do little in the way of long-term flea removal.

Our technicians use a multi-part treatment programme similar to that used with bed bugs, involving sprays and growth regulators, which can be used to complement your own programme of washing and laundering for maximum effect.

London City Silverfish Control

City of London Silverfish ControlGiven enough time to breed and establish a population, silverfish will eat their way through numerous household objects, including books and wallpaper, which can be both damaging and costly.

A silverfish problem can remain hidden for a long time, since they are nocturnal and difficult to find, but once discovered you should contact professionals as soon as possible.

Silverfish infestations are often a symptom of larger issues with damp and plumbing inside a home, and since our technicians are trained to recognise these problems and point them out in addition to their usual extermination services it is always best to contact us when you notice evidence of silverfish in your home.

London City Cockroach Control

City of London Cockroach ControlCockroaches are hardy, unsanitary, fast-breeding and can spread very rapidly from house to house, making them an incredibly pervasive and unpleasant threat. They carry numerous diseases, and they are frequently responsible for instances of food-poisoning. Traditional cockroach traps and pesticides will only tackle a small part of a large infestation, as for every cockroach killed in the open many more are hiding in crevices.

London City Cockroach Control use a systematic method, targeting cockroaches where they nest rather than waiting for them to emerge, and we specialise in applying high dosages to very concentrated areas of insect activity, resulting in a rapid and complete extermination.

London City Spider Control

City of London Spider ControlWarnings of poisonous spiders in England and the UK, prompted by reports of the False Widow spider and the closure of a school in Gloucester, have led to a rise in demand for spider removal services.

London City Spider Control is committed to keeping people properly informed about the risks and helping them to separate fact from fiction, and as such we always offer a consultation service, allowing you to determine the nature and extent of your problem.

Whether or not you are worried that your infestation might pose a threat, we deal with all varieties of spider, poisonous and non poisonous, and we can tackle all species swiftly and with little trouble.

London City Ant Control

City of London Ant ControlThere are many species in Britain that actively try to build their nests inside human homes, and while they rarely bite, they can nevertheless crawl all over a house and make it unpleasant. These ants, usually the Ghost and Feral ant, will often crawl over kitchen surfaces in large numbers in search of food, and will build their hives in hard-to-reach places inside a property. It is often far easier to recognise an ant infestation than it is to locate a nest, and simply leaving out pesticide will have very little effect on the overall population.

Our technicians are familiar with the most common species that live in human homes, and they use all their experience to track down the nest (or nests) and apply treatment right to the colony itself, stopping the infestation it its source.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our London City Insect Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.


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