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London Bees & Bee Hive Control

London Bee ControlWhile bees are typically unaggressive and rarely sting humans in their natural habitat, a beehive inside a human home can pose a very real threat.

Nests can form anywhere within a house, as well as in sheds and gardens, and it can be all too easy to upset a hive that has formed in a rarely-visited loft or even in the cavity of a wall. This can prove a serious inconvenience, making it difficult or impossible to access attic spaces and gardens, but more than the inconvenience there is a potential danger as well.

Their sting is usually more painful than it is dangerous, yet up to 15% of the population can suffer from swelling and an allergic reaction. More than this, however, some people can go into anaphylactic shock upon being stung (with an increased risk for children) and may require serious medical attention.

It can often be impossible to know the reaction an individual can have to a bee-sting until after the event, while the multiple stings that come from disturbed hives can potentially increase the danger.

If left untreated, bee infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call today on 0208 088 0635 for a consultation by one of our experts.

Bee Proofing and Nest Removal

London Bees Nest RemovalUnlike some insects, there is no sure-fire way to prevent an infestation of bees, since the circumstances that bring bees to form new hives and the conditions which they favour can vary considerably. As such, a beehive can form almost anywhere whenever a nearby nest grows too large and needs to expand. This can make the removal of bees especially complicated, as they can be hard to predict and often nest in areas that are unreachable without the proper equipment.

Attempting to remove hives by force will often aggravate the swarm, and using pesticides will leave a corrosive bee-residue that can damage the structure of a building. There is no safe way to get rid of a nest nor to guarantee that is fully removed without specialist help, and London Insect Control has a great deal of experience when dealing with domestic bee infestations.

Since the bee population is in decline, our technicians are trained to relocate rather than simply destroy hives, a complicated procedure that is nevertheless undisruptive. Should it be impossible to preserve the bees, however, removal of the hive will always take priority and the bees will be destroyed in the most straightforward manner available.

Our Expert Bee Removal Technicians

Although there are many myths about dealing with bees, London Insect Control will provide a consultation on any insect infestation, providing the information that only our long experience can supply.

Publicly available equipment for hive-removal is prohibitively expense and often ineffective, leaving nest-fragments and dead bees, causing more mess than there originally was.

Our technicians are not only able to remove infestations, but also do so with as little mess and disturbance as they can.


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