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London Bed Bugs Pest Control

London Bed Bug TreatmentBedbugs are perhaps the least harmful and the most prevalent pest that London Insect Control deals with.

Despite their name, the majority of bedbugs live in crevices or between floorboards and will only come up onto a bed to feed when it is occupied.

Their bites can produce rashes and visible blistering, as well as allergic reactions in humans. A single bedbug can produce up to 4000 young (called "nymphs"), and they may lie dormant for 18 months at a time in sheets and articles of clothing, allowing them to spread rapidly and across great distances.

Attempts to get rid of bedbugs can prove just as irritating as the insects themselves, as the cost of time and money spent on preventative measures and replacing mattresses almost inevitably proves to be futile.

If left untreated, bed bug infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call today on 0208 088 0635 for a consultation by one of our experts.

Bed Bug Proofing and Removal

London Bed Bug ControlThere are numerous home-remedies and preventative measures for keeping bedbugs away, but none of them take into account the insects' ability to live hidden for extremely long periods and then to re-appear and breed once those preventative measures have been forgotten.

Removing bedbugs is impossible without a concerted effort, and it requires a unique degree of co-operation between London Insect Control technicians and the customer.

By cleaning, hoovering and washing your clothes and bedding, you will lay the groundwork for our technicians. Bedbugs can only be removed with an absolutely comprehensive programme, and as such we not only depend on the home-owner, but also on a composite of multiple treatments applied at once.

A knock-down fog spray is combined with an insect growth regulator that stops bedbugs from reaching maturity and breeding further. Since they are so resistant to conventional insecticides, and since the infestations occur in such close proximity to the occupants of a house, we do not use a toxic or chemical-intensive approach for dealing with bedbugs.

In the third aspect of our treatment, the spray is used in conjunction with a substance called Diatomaceous Earth, a fine powder that dehydrates and eventually kills the insects without having to involve any further chemicals. This powder can be safely hoovered up, but only once our technicians have determined that the bedbugs have been completely eliminated.

Our Expert Bed Bug Removal Technicians

Despite being an apparently trivial problem, bedbug infestations are immensely complicated to deal with. Fortunately, London Insect Control's multi-step method for removing them combines our experience with modern technologies to ensure that they are dealt with thoroughly, leaving no foothold for the bedbug population to regenerate from.

Our technicians are well aware of the difficulties that come with operating in the same place where people sleep, and we know that the prospect of such an involved procedure can be off-putting. However, all the processes involved will be explained and our instructions will be as straightforward as possible.

Our technicians will always make sure you know exactly what needs to be done, keeping you informed at every point of the operation.

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