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Lewisham Insect & Pest Control

Lewisham Insect ControlLondon Insect Control operates Monday through Sunday all year round, and we are able to respond to all insect problems of all severities at short notice.

We offer a consultation service, and we will always endeavour to send out a technician on the same day that we hear about a problem.

We are a large company with branches across the greater London area, and our offices in Lewisham allow us to deal with local problems with minimal delay and maximum regard for customer convenience.

Call our Lewisham Insect Control team today onĀ 
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Lewisham Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Lewisham Bees Nest Removal and Bee ControlBees that move onto a property and build a hive can be difficult to live alongside, treating anyone who disturbs their nest as a threat.

Lewisham Bee Control specialises in removing nests intact, without damaging the hive or the inhabitants, which results in a minimum of clean-up and very little use of chemicals. This is not only better for the environment, but our customers often prefer this to a full-scale extermination.

Lewisham Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Lewisham Wasp nest Removal and Wasp ControlWasp nests can pop up anywhere inside a property, and when they do confrontation is unavoidable. While it is possible for professionals to handle bees safely and to move their nests without provoking a swarm, wasps respond aggressively to any move made on their hive.

People often attempt to remove wasp nests with publicly-availably pesticides, but wasps are very resistant to these, and even if you do succeed in eliminating some of them, the rest will swarm in defence. It is best to rely on our trained technicians for this operation, since only we are licensed to use the chemicals and protective material that work effectively, as they are unavailable to the general public.

Lewisham Hornet Control

Lewisham Hornet ControlHornets do not form swarms as large as those of wasps or bees, but their sting is more painful and much more likely to induce allergic reactions - even anaphylactic shock. Hornets require special care and should always be avoided, and they are among the few genuinely-dangerous insects that we routinely have to deal with in the Lewisham area

Our technicians will always deal as swiftly as possible with hornets, using a dose of high-grade Bendiocarb, which is one of the few substances able to genuinely harm these resilient, aggressive creatures.

Lewisham Cluster Fly Control

Lewisham Cluster Fly ControlCluster flies are drawn to human homes for their warmth, and will spend their winters inside only to emerge in large numbers when the weather warms up again. Because of this, we often deal with a rush of cluster fly complaints in the Christmas holidays, and so our extermination methods are designed to be straightforward and unintrusive, using a potent knock-down spray to deal with the flies quickly and conveniently.

Lewisham Bed Bug Control & Removal

Lewisham Bed Bug ControlGiven their name, many people believe that washing or replacing beds and mattresses is the best way to tackle a bed bug presence, but at Lewisham Bed bug Control we know that bed bugs live in a far more diverse series of places than people expect.

Many bed bugs live underneath floorboards or in crevices, and they will lay eggs all over a property in places that people do not expect. Our technicians will work together with you, walking you through all the necessary laundering and cleaning procedures you can do to make their job easier.

When your house is ready, we have a three-part treatment that is unique to our operators, combining knock-down foggers with growth regulators to get rid of the insects and remove their capacity to breed, while also laying down a substance called Diatomaceous earth, that will make your house uninhabitable by insects.

Lewisham Flea Control

Lewisham Flea ControlFleas lay numerous eggs that are difficult to find and get rid of, meaning even a brief flea problem can flare up again later. Combined with their ability to pass rapidly from host to host, fleas can very quickly cover a house and multiple residents with eggs and droppings, making them a very unpleasant presence.

Fleas can only be completely removed with the co-operation of customers and technicians, and, as with bed bugs, we combine your efforts with our own to maximise effects. Once you've done your part, our technicians use a combination of flea-killing agents and prevention measures, including Diatomaceous earth to remove all possibility of further infestation.

Lewisham Silverfish Control

Lewisham Silverfish ControlWhile very hard to catch themselves, damage and holes in wallpaper, clothes and books can alert you to the presence of a silverfish problem. The insect thrives on damp conditions and survives on objects we would not even consider foods, so usually prevention is less a matter of sanitation than it is of fundamental issues with plumbing or humidity.

Lewisham Silverfish Control do not stop at eliminating the silverfish themselves, but we will also identify the environmental factors that have led to their presence and what can be done to rectify the situation.

Lewisham Cockroach Control

Lewisham Cockroach ControlCockroaches carry salmonella, dysentery, typhoid and a host of other diseases that make them extremely dangerous, as well as unpleasant to share a household with. Their droppings and eggs very quickly spread around a property, and in addition to disease they can cause allergies to flare up and even inflame symptoms of asthma.

Our technicians are fully aware of the risks of an infestation, and we not only ensure our customers are well informed, but we will also undertake a no-hold-barred campaign against the cockroach population, identifying where they have clustered together bringing our most intense chemicals to bear.

Lewisham Spider Control

Lewisham Spider ControlEven if they rarely pose any threat, many people find it unpleasant to live with a large number of spiders inside their properties. When they do pose a threat, like the False Widow spider that has recently appeared on the news, we aim to keep customers informed about them and what can be done.

We always offer a consultation service, and we place great emphasis on giving accurate information about the nature of the species involved and what options are open to you.

Lewisham Ant Control

Lewisham Ant ControlMany species of ant in England will dig their colonies right into the structure of a house itself, including the very common Ghost, Pharaoh and Feral ant. Human homes provide them with warmth and protection, and colonies will only spread, or even branch out into further colonies if left unchecked. Their nests pose a challenge to the untrained individual, as their nests are not only well hidden, but are also nestled into places that can be hard to reach and apply treatment to. For this reason, our engineers are always trained to trace infestations back to the source, and they have a variety of tools that allow them to apply our chemical treatments even through the walls and floorboards that often protect an infesting colony.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Lewisham Insect Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.


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