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Lambeth Insect & Pest Control

Lambeth Insect ControlLondon Insect Control operates a network of offices throughout the greater London area, including an office offering services to everyone the Lambeth area.

We have technicians ready to respond to calls throughout the entire week, and we always aim to send out an operator on the same day we receive a request. Our phone-lines are also open all week, and we provide a consultation service that will help you figure us figure out the nature and extent of your infestation and the best course of action for dealing with it.

We have a history of operating in the Lambeth area, and we are not only familiar with the most common varieties of infestations our customers suffer from, but we are we are also familiar with Lambeth residents and are sensitive to the impact that an infestation can have.

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Lambeth Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Lambeth Bees Nest Removal and Bee ControlIt is very common for bees to set up hives in or around a home, in gardens, greenhouses and attics, and even if they are out of the way in unfrequented areas of a property it is still possible to provoke a hive by accident.

Our technicians will typically will try to deal with hives in a manner that does not aggravate them into a swarm state, removing the bees and the hive inside it intact, resulting in a cleaner, easier removal service with less intensive chemical usage.

Lambeth Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Lambeth Wasp nest Removal and Wasp ControlWasps are not only able to sting multiple times, but will also draw other wasps to them when they feel threatened, which means that aggravating a wasp in close proximity to a hive can have terrible consequences.

Customers have occasionally opened their attic hatch right onto a hive, or even cut into them while mowing the lawn, and these experiences have taught us that a wasp infestation is always an unpleasant, distressing experience.

Lambeth Wasp Control uses a far more intensive treatment wasp hives than we use for bee hives, utilising the highly-concentrated chemical Bendiocarb to ensure that the wasps get no opportunity to attack inhabitants again.

Lambeth Hornet Control

Lambeth Hornet ControlIt can be easy for the untrained to misidentify hornets' nests for those of wasps and bees, underestimating the extent of the danger. In many cases people who mistake a hornet nest for a less dangerous one who try to deal with them on their own receive a very unwelcome surprise.

Our technicians have the necessary knowledge to identify a nest and inform you of its risk, and we are also prepared in the eventuality that more dangerous foreign hornet species might find their way into your home, such as the deadly Asian Hornet, which experts believe will soon migrate to England.

As with wasps, we use an intensive chemical treatment, with an even larger dose of Bendiocarb to ensure that these typically very hardy insects do not survive.

Lambeth Cluster Fly Control

Lambeth Cluster Fly ControlCluster Flies can seem like a smaller nuisance than they are, and when a swarm enters a household to hibernate, they will nestle in obscure places to hibernate, making their population seem far smaller than it is, only to swarm throughout a household when the weather turns warm enough.

We advise that you contact a professional service as soon as a swarm enters your home, as our fog-spray treatment is more effective while they are still clustered in a state of hibernation, although we are able to deal with them at all times of year.

Lambeth Bed Bug Control & Removal

Lambeth Bed Bug ControlBed bugs can survive long periods without eating, they are resistant to more traditional techniques, and they can lay numerous eggs that will hatch long after they seem to have disappeared.

For these reasons, bed bugs are extremely persistent, and many of our customers come to us after being disappointed by small-scale treatments and internet remedies.

Our technicians will work with you to draw up a co-operative bed bug plan, giving you all the instructions necessary to prevent further infestations, before beginning our specially formulated three-part extermination programme.

We use conventional knock-down sprays to get rid of the majority of the population, alongside growth regulators that stop young bed bugs reaching breeding age, and then we lay down a natural substance called Diatomaceous earth that kills any remaining insects that come into contact with it.

Lambeth Flea Control

Lambeth Flea ControlFleas can enter a house by many means – on pets, in clothes, in hair – but getting them out again is a much harder ob. While many people depend upon store-bought shampoos and fine-toothed combs, they cannot combat a proper infestation, as they only deal with the fleas themselves instead of going after the eggs as well, which can spread just as easily as the fleas.

Like our bed bug programme, our technicians will combine their expertise and equipment with advice, recommendations and instructions on prevention, ensuring a lasting solution.

Lambeth Silverfish Control

Lambeth Silverfish ControlSilverfish are highly elusive, and we often find that our customers have not even seen them when they phone to report a silverfish problem. They are able to hide in very small spaces and prefer to operate at night, but far more visible is the damage they do, eating into wallpaper, food containers and even photographs.

There are a number of factors that contribute to a silverfish infestation, as they favour moist atmospheric conditions, and often flourish in cases where plumbing has broken down, so our technicians will not only exterminate the insects themselves, but will also inform you if the conditions in your house might cause them to return again and what your options for prevention are.

Lambeth Cockroach Control

Lambeth Cockroach ControlCockroaches are probably the most unhygienic insect we deal with, able to spread multiple diseases, including salmonella, typhoid-fever and dysentery. When dealing with cockroach infestations, time is of the essence, as they will not only spread in larger numbers through your own home, but will often invade neighbouring properties if their presence is not nipped in the bud.

It is rarely enough to lay out traps or insecticides, as the presence of one or two cockroaches in the open often means that there are many more living in crevices around the house.

Our technicians at Lambeth Cockroach Control always prefer the most direct treatments when it comes to cockroaches, applying pesticides to their hiding places in high dosages until we are absolutely satisfied that they have been removed.

Lambeth Spider Control

Lambeth Spider ControlRecent news stories have alarmed many customers in Lambeth with stories about poisonous spiders in the UK, particularly the False Widow spider, and we are receiving more calls than ever asking for help and advice. Many media outlets have exaggerated the extent of England's poisonous spider problem, but many of our customers find even regular spiders to be unpleasant, and we will remove all spiders, dangerous or not, with the same straightforward treatment.

Our consultation service is always open to everyone, so it has never been easier to call and ascertain the nature of your spider problem.

Lambeth Ant Control

Lambeth Ant ControlMost ants in the UK are harmless, although they will always be a nuisance in large numbers. Many of them will enter human homes in search of leftovers and food, but many more make concerted efforts to use human homes to build their nests inside. In these circumstances, some ants, particularly the common Ghost, Pharaoh and Feral Ant, can fill a house with a constant stream of insects with no obvious identifiable source.

Customers often come to us confused by the sheer extent of an ant infestation in their house, as many of them cannot find a hive nearby, or may even be unaware that ants can build nests in properties, and this is usually due to the fact that ants can build nests in walls and floorings where we can't see them.

Our insecticidal treatments can deal with these infestations thoroughly, and no matter how well-concealed a nest may be, or how inaccessible it may seem, we have the tools and the skills to apply a direct extermination treatment.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Lambeth Insect Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.


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