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Kensington and Chelsea Insect & Pest Control

Kensington & Chelsea Insect ControlLondon Insect Control handles every possible variety of insect and every possible level of infestation.

We are open 7 days a week and we offer a consultation service at all times so we can work with you to establish the best course of action for dealing with your problem.

All of our technicians are trained and carry accreditation from the BPCA and the RSPH, but more importantly they are used to working with residents in the Kensington and Chelsea area, and are familiar with all the problems that they can face.

We will always endeavour to send out an operator on the same day that we receive a call from you, and our extermination techniques are tailored towards rapid and undisruptive removal.

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Kensington and Chelsea Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Kensington & Chelsea Bees Nest Removal and Bee ControlBees can and will set up their hives inside of human houses, and they will sting people they consider to be a threat, which can result in allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock, with children at a greater risk.

Kensington and Chelsea Bee Control specialises in the technique of removing a hive and the bees inside of it without destroying it, not only making it one of our most environmentally-friendly procedures, but also ensuring a safe, swarm-free removal.

Kensington and Chelsea Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Kensington & Chelsea Wasps Nest Removal and Wasp ControlThroughout the course of our operations in the Kensington and Chelsea area we have dealt with multiple incidents where home-owners have have accidentally disturbed wasp-nests attached to loft hatches or stumbled upon in gardens, and due to the distressing nature of these encounters our customers prefer to know that the wasps will be handled quickly and uncompromisingly.

Unlike bees, we pursue a rigorous, rapid-response programme, and we use the chemical Bendiocarb in concentrations that only qualified technicians can safely apply to destroy a hive's inhabitants as soon as possible.

Kensington and Chelsea Hornet Control

Kensington & Chelsea Hornet ControlHornets are more dangerous and much harder to remove than wasps, and even people aware of the risk they pose aren't prepared for the level of caution necessary for dealing with them.

They produce a long-lasting pheromone when killed that sets the rest of a hive into a defensive swarm state, and unless the nest is taken down in its entirety the survivors can remain to pose a threat.

For this reason, we don't allow the hornets any chance to pose a danger, and our technicians enter with full protective gear and an even more deadly chemical compound than the one we use for wasps for complete safety.

Kensington and Chelsea Cluster Fly Control

Kensington & Chelsea Cluster Fly ControlCluster Flies will hide in nooks and crannies, often in places that people least expect, and will draw more and more flies to their location unless exterminated quickly.

They prefer the warmth of human homes to hibernate in during winter, and their infestations often coincide with the holiday season, meaning that our technicians are trained not only to destroy them, but to do so quickly and at short notice for maximum convenience at this busy time of year.

Kensington and Chelsea Bed Bug Control & Removal

Kensington & Chelsea Bed Bug ControlBed bugs' extreme resistance to normal treatments and their ability to outlast all but most determined attempts to get rid of them make them a uniquely challenging problem.

Our technicians will work with you specially to draw up a treatment plan, and will walk you through a preparatory cleaning routine that lays the way for their work.

Our extermination programme consists of three separate extermination measures, using conventional knock-down sprays in conjunction with growth regulators and Diatomaceous earth, which together not only kill the majority of the insects, but also stop them breeding and making life impossible for survivors.

Kensington and Chelsea Flea Control

Kensington & Chelsea Flea ControlFleas can be carried on clothes, on pets and in hair, and they leave a trail of eggs and faeces wherever they go. Store-bought treatments will be enough for some, but usually they can do little more than provide temporary relief.

Kensington and Chelsea Flea Control gets complaints about fleas throughout the year, and many people feel let down by more conventional methods. We take fleas very seriously, especially given their ability for carrying diseases and tapeworm, deploying a multi-part treatment just as intense as that we use for bed bugs.

Kensington and Chelsea Silverfish Control

Kensington & Chelsea Silverfish ControlSilverfish are hard to detect, and most people only recognise them by the damage they do, eating through books, furniture and clothing. They are small insects, and very adept at avoiding humans, but the destruction they can cause can become very noticeable over time.

Since Kensington and Chelsea Insect Control specialise in provided a holistic removal service, we couple our extermination programme with advice on how to prevent a resurgence of infestation, identifying environmental factors like damp and leaks that have led to their presence.

Kensington and Chelsea Cockroach Control

Kensington & Chelsea Cockroach ControlCockroaches spread disease and can cause food poisoning, and always prove damaging to the health of a household's inhabitants. They operate the whole year round, they are highly invasive and once they are inside a house their population will only carry on growing, until they even start spreading to neighbouring properties.

Fortunately, Kensington and Chelsea Cockroach Control operate all year round as well, and have a long experience of tracing cockroach populations back to their hiding places and destroying them with targeted, intense application of professional-grade chemicals.

Kensington and Chelsea Spider Control

Kensington & Chelsea Spider ControlReports of False Widow spiders in England have led to a sharp rise in reports of spider infestation, and more and more people are coming to us with worries that their infestation might be dangerous as well as unpleasant. This is where our consultation service is most useful, as we will always help you see through the panic and the media exaggeration and let you know the options at your disposal.

Even if you don't think the spiders in your house are a threat, there is no reason not to contact us you find them worrying, and should you choose an extermination then we are able to deal with all species with an equal level of professionalism.

Kensington and Chelsea Ant Control

Kensington & Chelsea Ant ControlMost people are only familiar Common or Garden ant, which builds its nests outside, but there are many equally common species, including the Pharaoh, Ghost and Feral ant, that live almost exclusively in human homes. A normal ant nest can usually be dealt with conventional means, and can usually be kept out by disposing of waste and leftovers carefully and neatly, but when a nest is inside a house itself then even normal preventative measures won't stop their presence.

Tracking down the hive itself is the only sure way to stop these infestations, and our technicians operate a policy of going straight to the source, applying chemicals directly to the colonies themselves.

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