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Havering Insect ControlLondon Insect Control are prepared to react to problems as soon as they occur, and to this end our offices remain open all week. We are an established firm with offices all across London, giving us resources that individual contractors and smaller scale operations simply can't match.

Our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to dealing with insect problems, and we not only provide coverage for all varieties and severities of infestation, but we also emphasise the information and advice side of pest control, providing a consultation service to all potential customers.

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Havering Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Havering Bees Nest Removal and Bee ControlBees will often build their hives in or around a residence when its occupants are away, or in places where they might not be noticed until too late. Some people choose to leave a nest where it is, but it can be difficult to avoid provoking an aggressive swarm. Bees generally only react when aggravated, and so we specialise in non-destructive techniques, removing the bees and the hive without damaging them in one clean manoeuvre.

Our technicians at Havering Bee Control find that this provides an easier experience for all involved.

Havering Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Havering Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp ControlWasps are quick to react when threatened, attacking in mass, and many wasp-related accidents and injuries occur when untrained individuals try to deal with a nest. Hives are often built in hard to reach areas, and many people are knocked down from ladders when they are surprised by the aggressiveness of the wasps' response to an amateur removal attempt. We use professional-grade Bendiocarb, and we have the tools to apply this directly to a nest.

Only our qualified technicians at Havering Wasp Control have both the licenses and the expertise to use the necessary chemicals in absolute safety.

Havering Hornet Control

Havering Hornet ControlHornets are impossible to live with, and next-to-impossible for an untrained individual to remove. They are very hardy and can withstand chemicals that other insects cannot, so an understanding of the insect itself is necessary to deal with them correctly.

Our technicians will explain the dangers posed by hornets, and their long experience of dealing with them has taught us that they require an extremely methodical and safety-conscious approach.

Not only is the Bendiocarb treatment for hornets even more intensive than that we use for wasps, but the precautions we take are even more comprehensive.

Havering Cluster Fly Control

Havering Cluster Fly ControlHuman homes are full of the nooks and crannies that cluster flies find ideal for hibernating in during the colder months, and an infestation can establish itself with very little warning.

Fortunately, they pose no danger to humans, so our technicians can use a straightforward knock-down spray to eliminate them, making a professional treatment a convenient and reliable option.

Havering Bed Bug Control & Removal

Havering Bed Bug ControlBed bugs pose unique challenges to exterminators, and most people are completely unaware of how persistent they are and how severe their infestation can be.

Preventative measures such as mattress protectors and laundering rarely make an impact, since despite their name many bed bugs live in fabrics, crevices and furniture, along with many of their eggs.

Havering Bed bug Control's treatment concentrates on permanently stopping infestations, targeting their ability to breed and reproduce with a special growth inhibitor.

Our technicians are sensitive of the issues of operating in a home environment, and they are trained to co-ordinate their efforts with residents, as well as using natural substances like Diatomaceous earth, which people are often more comfortable with than purely chemical treatments.

Havering Flea Control

Havering Flea ControlLeaving flea populations unchecked can be expensive, as commercially-available treatments rarely keep away an infestation for long and the problem will inevitably return.

As with bed bugs, people often underestimate the flea population in their home, and their presence is manifested not only in the fleas themselves, but also the eggs and droppings they leave behind.

Our technicians use a multi-part treatment programme similar to that used with bed bugs, and we will always encourage you to use your own favoured flea-treatment methods to work alongside our own.

Havering Silverfish Control

Havering Silverfish ControlYou may not instantly recognise a silverfish infestation, and silverfish can establish a large and deeply-rooted population before you have realised they even have a problem.

Once discovered, you should alert a professional as soon as possible. It isn't enough to simply eliminate the silverfish themselves, since they are often a symptom of larger problems with damp or plumbing, so our technicians couple their extermination programme with advice and recommendations for making your house silverfish proof in the long term.

Havering Cockroach Control

Havering Cockroach ControlCockroaches are famous for their ability to survive nuclear fallout, and so you can imagine their resistance to store-bought chemical treatments. They are one of the toughest insects to get rid of, and they constantly develop resistances to traditional pesticides.

Havering Cockroach Control operates a "scorched earth" policy when dealing with cockroaches, applying lethal insecticides that only our accredited personal are able to use directly to cockroach hiding places, and we find our customers prefer our direct, rapid-response method, since it gives cockroaches minimal time to breed and spread.

Havering Spider Control

Havering Spider ControlWarnings of poisonous spiders in England and the UK have been on the rise, and so have calls to our offices at Havering Insect Control. It is here that our consultation service is most useful, as you can always determine whether or not you feel at threat before having to undertake any full-scale extermination.

Almost all spider infestations in England are harmless, but should a spider infestation prove to be genuinely dangerous, or simply unpleasant, we will always respond with the same systematic extermination programme to give you complete peace of mind.

Havering Ant Control

Havering Ant ControlMany species of ant in England will build colonies in human homes, and while they will often set themselves up in obscure areas, inside of walls or in lofts and basements, they can send ants crawling over the entirety of a residence.

We deal with ants both inside and outside of homes, and we will always go straight for the hives themselves, to make sure that an infestation cannot regenerate.

While ants are very adept at hiding their nests or making themselves unreachable, we have the equipment and training necessary to reach colonies, even ones that have lodged themselves in sockets, wall cavities or ceilings.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Havering Insect Control team today on
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for a consultation by one of our experts.


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