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Hammersmith & Fulham Insect ControlLondon Insect Control works throughout Hammersmith and Fulham to provide a full coverage for all customers and all varieties of insect problem. We are open 7 days a week, and our consultation service allows you to decide on the course of action you want to take.

Our staff combine their experience with a rigorous accreditation system, and all of them are certified by both the BPCA and RSPH. This allows us deal with infestations that can be extremely dangerous, and allows us to give our customers complete peace of mind.

We are have dealt with all the infestations that residents in Hammersmith and Fulham most commonly suffer from, and many more infestations that are less common, and so the list below is only part of our full range of services.

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Hammersmith and Fulham Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Hammersmith & Fulham Bees nest Removal and Bee ControlBees will set up their hives in attics, greenhouses and other places that are infrequently visited, and home-owners can find themselves with large bee populations on their hands quite unexpectedly.

Bee hives will sting people they consider to be a threat, which can result in allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock, with children at a greater risk.

Hammersmith and Fulham Bee Control trains its technicians to to avoid destroying bees nests and to remove them in one piece, which is a less invasive process more environmentally sound, although removing the nest will always be our first priority.

Hammersmith and Fulham Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Hammersmith & Fulham Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp ControlWasps can and will sting anything they consider a threat, and can induce allergic reactions in people who are otherwise immune to bee stings. Many customers in the Hammersmith and Fulham area have accidentally disturbed wasp-nests when entering loft spaces or even while mowing the lawn, and these incidents can be extremely dangerous and upsetting.

Humans and wasps can never co-exist for any extended period of time, so our technicians pursue a much more intensive treatment for wasp hives than they do for bees. We are licensed to use a professional form of the chemical Bendiocarb, which ensures that the wasps are gone as quickly as possible.

Hammersmith and Fulham Hornet Control

Hammersmith & Fulham Hornet ControlHornets are more dangerous and much harder to remove than wasps, although many people still try to remove them and suffer injuries as a result. We usually deal with European Hornet infestations, but changes in climate have led experts to expect an influx of Asian Hornets into England, whose sting can often be deadly.

Fortunately our technicians have the necessary expertise to identify a nest and the species it contains and to inform you of its risks. Our hornet treatment is a more intensive variation on that we use for wasps, since we do not like to take any chances when dealing with this insect.

Hammersmith and Fulham Cluster Fly Control

Hammersmith & Fulham Cluster Fly ControlAlthough more of an irritation than a danger, many people find cluster flies very unpleasant, and tedious to clean up. Hiding in small cracks and fissures, their population can seem far smaller than it is until it is too late and they swarm out.

Cluster Flies will often enter a house at Christmas time to hibernate, and people often put off dealing with them, but Hammersmith and Fulham Cluster Fly Control are used to performing unintrusive removals even during the Christmas season, which can prove far more convenient in the long run.

Hammersmith and Fulham Bed Bug Control & Removal

Hammersmith & Fulham Bed Bug ControlMany people seriously underestimate bed bugs' extreme resistance to normal treatments and their ability to outlast even the most determined attempts to get rid of them.

Our technicians will work with you specially to draw up a treatment plan, giving you all the information you need to prevent further infestations and instructing you in an involved preparatory cleaning routine that lays the way for their work. We then begin a full-on three-part extermination programme, using conventional knock-down sprays in conjunction with growth regulators and Diatomaceous earth to remove the bed bug population and stop any surviving eggs from reaching breeding age.

Hammersmith and Fulham Flea Control

Hammersmith & Fulham Flea ControlFleas can be carried on clothes, on pets and in hair, and even once the fleas themselves are gone their eggs will often remain in all these places. Store-bought treatments may help to deal with some of a flea population, but the majority concentrate on the individual fleas rather than attempting to permanently stop infestation.

Hammersmith and Fulham Insect Control gets numerous complaints of flea problems from people who have been let down by more conventional methods, and we always take a flea presence very seriously, deploying a multi-part treatment just as extensive as that we use for bed bugs.

Hammersmith and Fulham Silverfish Control

Hammersmith & Fulham Silverfish ControlSilverfish infestations can be hard to detect, since the insects themselves are so small and well hidden. Most people only recognise them by the damage they do, eating through books, furniture and leather products among other things.

Damp conditions in the house itself are usually behind an infestation, and if you should use Hammersmith and Fulham Silverfish Control, you not only receive a full treatment programme for the insects themselves, but also expert advice and recommendations for dealing with underlying issues behind the infestation.

Hammersmith and Fulham Cockroach Control

Hammersmith & Fulham Cockroach ControlCockroaches spread disease and can cause food poisoning, and always prove damaging to the health of a household's inhabitants. They are not seasonal, they are very hard to starve out, and they should not be allowed the time to develop a presence, since they will eventually go on to infest further properties.

Nothing less than a intensive treatment programme can deal with a cockroach problem , and our technicians specialise in rapid, aggressive and highly-targeted methods, applying heavy-duty chemical treatments right into the crevices where cockroaches gather, giving them no chance to escape.

Hammersmith and Fulham Spider Control

Hammersmith & Fulham Spider ControlReports of False Widow spiders in England have led to an increased interest in Hammersmith and Fulham Spider Control's services, and we are very familiar with people's concerns.

Our consultations mean that you can decide whether or not you feel at risk from your spider problem, and we are dedicated to only giving you the facts.

Even if you don't think the spiders in your house are a threat, we will deal with all infestations of all severities just as thoroughly, providing technical information and reassurance along the way.

Hammersmith and Fulham Ant Control

Hammersmith & Fulham Ant ControlWhen most people think of ants, they think of Common or Garden ant, which only nests outside, but there are many equally common species, including the Ghost, Feral and Pharaoh ant, that prefer to live in humans homes.

A normal ant nest can usually be dealt with using conventional means, but these ants build their hives in between walls, beneath floorboards or in places most people just can't reach.

Without going after the hive itself, any efforts to deal with the infestation can only be temporary, and so we train our technicians to know the habits and preferences of multiple ant species, and when we track them back to their hive we always have the equipment to apply our insecticidal treatment even in places that seem impossible to reach.

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