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Croydon Insect ControlLondon Insect Control provides a wide range of treatments, dealing with insect infestations of all varieties and at all levels of severity. We are available 7 days a week, and we offer a consultation service so you can decide on the course of action you want to take.

Our staff are not only experienced, but fully licensed to use other-unavailable materials and equipments, and all of our technicians have a level 2 certification in health and safety from the RSPH. This allows us deal with infestations that can be extremely dangerous, and to do so in a safe and undisruptive manner.

We are familiar with all the most common infestations in the Croydon area suffer from, and many infestations and insect varieties that are considerably less common. The insects and treatments listed below are just a sample of the services we offer.

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Croydon Bee Control & Bee's Nest Removal

Croydon Bees Nest Removal and ControlBees regularly set up hives in attics, greenhouses and other places that are infrequently visited, and home-owners can find themselves with large bee populations on their hands quite unexpectedly. Bee hives will sting people they consider to be a threat, which can result in allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock, with children at a greater risk.

Our technicians will try to avoid destroying bees nests and will often remove them in one piece, which involves less use of chemicals and is more environmentally sound, yet removing your infestation will always be our number one priority and we will use everything at our disposal to do so.

Croydon Wasp Control & Wasp's Nest Removal

Croydon Wasp Nest Removal and ControlWasps can deliver multiple stings with very little provocation, and can induce allergic reactions in people who are normally immune to bee stings. In our experiences dealing with wasps, we find that many customers accidentally disturb wasp-nests when entering loft spaces or even while mowing the lawn, and these incidents can be both dangerous and upsetting.

Living with wasps creates immense difficulties and is not viable in the long term, so Croydon Wasp Control pursues a much more intensive treatment for wasp hives than it does for bee hives. We are licensed to use a potent form of the chemical Bendiocarb, which ensures that the wasps get no opportunity to enter a dangerous swarm state before being destroyed.

Croydon Hornet Control

Croydon Hornet ControlHornets are more dangerous and much harder to remove than wasps, but it can be easy for people to mistake their nests for that of other insects and thus underestimate the danger they are in. While Croydon Hornet Control usually deals with European Hornet infestations, changes in climate have led experts to expect an influx of Asian Hornets into England - a far more dangerous and often deadly breed.

Fortunately our technicians have the necessary knowledge to identify a nest and the species it contains and to inform you of its risk. Our hornet treatment is a more intensive variation on that we use for wasps, as anything less than professional-grade substances will only aggravate rather than remove a hornet swarm.

Croydon Cluster Fly Control

Croydon Cluster Fly ControlAlthough more of a nuisance than a danger, many people find cluster flies very unpleasant, and they can often swarm out in large numbers once their hibernation season is over and they emerge from their nesting points. They will often hide in attics, using small cracks and fissures, and their population can seem far smaller than it is.

As such, it is easy to underestimate the irritations of living with a cluster fly infestation, and since they often enter a house at Christmas time people often defer dealing with them until later, but Croydon Cluster Fly Control are used to performing swift removals even during peak seasons, which can prove far more convenient in the long run.

Croydon Bed Bug Control & Removal

Croydon Bed Bug ControlCroydon Bed bug Control have a knowledge of dealing with bed bugs that can only come from long experience. Many people fail to take into account their extreme resistance to normal treatments and their ability to outlast even the most determined attempts to get rid of them.

Our technicians will co-operate with you to create a bed bug treatment plan, giving you all the information you need to prevent further infestations, before beginning an extensive three-part extermination programme, using traditional knock-down sprays, growth regulators and Diatomaceous earth to remove the bed bug population and stop any surviving eggs from reaching breeding age.

Croydon Flea Control

Croydon Flea ControlFleas can be carried on clothes, on pets and in hair, and once embedded can be very hard to remove. Conventional store-bought treatments may help to deal with some of a flea population, but none of them are able to remove a proper infestation, as they only deal with the fleas themselves rather than going after the eggs as well.

Croydon Insect Control gets numerous complaints of flea problems and we operate a programme that combines the expertise and knowledge of our technicians with the co-operation of customers before executing our special three-part flea elimination treatment.

Croydon Silverfish Control

Croydon Silverfish ControlSilverfish infestations can be hard to detect, since they hide in small crevices and come out when most people are asleep. They are usually only recognisable by the damage they do, eating through books, furniture and leather products among other things.

Damp conditions in the house itself are usually behind an infestation, and when use Croydon Silverfish Control, you not only receive a full treatment programme for the insects themselves, but our technicians will also make point out underlying problems and make recommendations for dealing with them.

Croydon Cockroach Control

Croydon Cockroach ControlCockroaches can spread multiple diseases, including typhoid and dysentery, and they can also cause food poisoning. They are always damaging to the health of a household's inhabitants, and should not be allowed to develop a foothold, since they will eventually go on to infest further properties.

Nothing less than a full-scale treatment programme can deal with a cockroach problem as they will always be able to find new hiding spaces and regrow if only partially eliminated. Our technicians recognise the need for an intensive treatment, applying heavy-duty chemical treatments right into the nooks and crannies where cockroaches gather, giving them no chance to escape.

Croydon Spider Control

Croydon Spider ControlReports of False Widow spiders in the UK have led to an increased interest in Croydon Insect Control's spider infestation services, and as such we are very used to answering queries and helping you determine whether you need treatment.

Our consultations mean that you will allow you to decide whether or not you feel at risk from your spider problem and whether you want it removed. Regardless of whether or not the species in your home poses a threat, we will deal with all infestations thoroughly, and we try to provide as much technical information and reassurance as we can.

Croydon Ant Control

Croydon Ant ControlThe most recognisable ant species, the Common or Garden ant, only nests outside, but there are many equally common species, including the Feral, Ghost and Pharaoh ant, that will build colonies human homes. Whereas a normal ant nest can usually be dealt with without professional help, these ants build their hives in between walls, beneath floorboards or in places most people simply can't reach.

It is impossible to deal with an infestation without going after the hive itself – the population is simply too large and must be cut off at its source. Our technicians know the habits and preferences of multiple ant species, and they track them back to their hive they able to apply insecticidal treatments to them, no matter how inaccessible they may seem to be.

If left untreated, insect infestations can place severe pressure upon your health and wallet. Don't let these pests make your life a misery! Call our Croydon Insect Control team today on
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